Shots of Awe

Friday, November 22, 2013

So I stumbled upon this video and it ended up being the first of the many videos I watched from the YouTube Channel "Shots of Awe". Please do watch it - it impacted me quite a little bit, so I thought I'd share it. It may be slightly intimidating with a title like "Existential Bummer" but the guy in the video, Jason Silva, really manages to break it down for his viewers. He's a performance philosopher and he stars in all the videos in that channel.

Yes, he uses fairly big words and it is quite obvious that he says certain things/ does certain actions for the camera which makes it less raw, but I feel like that's not a problem because these videos have left me thinking and reflecting about life - my life - and I believe that what he says has offered me a deeper insight on things I rarely think about on a day to day basis.

I was just scrolling through the comments left on the YouTube video and several critics have voiced out concerns that these videos fail to teach them anything, featuring only nice looking graphics and this random dude talking a little too animatedly and simply leaving them with unanswered questions but I think that that's the beauty of it all and that's the role of a philosopher; essentially to question and to stimulate reflection. We should be the ones filling the gaps ourselves because it's our own life.

I could be able to go on and on about my thoughts on his video (or videos) but I shall stop now and leave you with that. It's really all about your perspective and your feelings and what you do with your own life. Have fun exploring this channel, like I did :-) 

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