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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hello friends :-)

For the longest time ever, Ragini and myself have planned on going to the Magnum Pleasuer Store together. Well, ever since it opened in Singapore - before EYAs, we made plans and when the post EYA period came around, we somehow didn't seem to have enough time visit the place. Until last Wednesday (20 November)!

For those of you who don't know, the Magnum Pleasure Store is a pop-up ice cream parlour that opened in Singapore with much fanfare and it goes around the island. So far, the location it's been before are Clarke Quay and it's current Vivocity, which Ragini and myself visited. It's moving to a "mystery" new location in December this year! The store doesn't serve the normal Magnum ice creams we all know and love but desserts inspired by and made with them and the rather iconic customization service where you make your own Magnum, or at least choose the coating and toppings to go on it. 

The toppings :-) 

It is, however, a bit on the pricey side so go only if you feel like you truly deserve to indulge and are mentally prepared for it (or you may feel the pinch) but when you're there, just let loose, relax and soak up the ambience! We took some time to find it but it's located outside Vivocity near the water fountains on Level 1.

One of the designs fitted on the wall - the entire interior was really chocolate-like, which was amazing.  

Ragini and I visited it on a weekday afternoon and the hype about the store has died down quite a bit so we were the only customers in the place. In fact, when we visited at around 12.30pm, we were the first customers of the day - or at least I was the first customer heh because I went first (as stated on my receipt "Order number 0001"; Ragini's was number two). This shows that business really isn't that fantastic but the funny thing was that there were so many employees in the small pop-up space - more than six - and there was practically nothing for them to do so many pairs of eyes were following the every move we made. It felt a bit uneasy and uncomfortable but I guess we got err very dedicated service. 

Both of us decided to customize our Magnums - it looked the most fun and tempting! Okay the desserts on the menu were quite appealing too but we were there to make our ice cream because there's really what most if not everyone goes there for! 

For seven bucks, you'll be entitled to a naked Magnum (i.e. only the vanilla ice cream bar) and you get to choose a chocolate coating (from a selection of white, milk or dark), three toppings and a chocolate drizzle (from the same selection). Seven bucks is a little steep for just ice cream but think about it - normal Magnums one buys outside are already about four bucks. Three extra bucks for a different and fresh experience isn't that bad in my opinion.

I chose a white chocolate coating for my naked Magnum,

Chocolate hearts, chocolate crunchies and gold flakes as the toppings :-)

And finished it off with a dark chocolate drizzle. 


We didn't get to do it ourselves but just watching the guy make the Magnum was insanely entertaining and fun already. The ice cream was really really good, much better than the ones sold outside in those packets. Maybe it's because of the ambience, maybe it's because of the extra toppings or maybe because the ice cream was freshly made in front of our own eyes but I really enjoyed the overall experience. 

Ragini's custom made ice cream :-) 

Hotgini with her ice cream :-) 

I have learnt from reading the Magnum Singapore Facebook page that many people have had terrible service experiences while patronizing the store (like being very crowded or not being able to sit down when they ordered a customized Magnum because technically the seats were for dine in customers only i.e. those ordering desserts from the actual menu itself) but it was quite pleasant for us. I'm not sure if it's because of low human traffic but we managed to sit down and they even gave us complimentary glasses of water which magically appeared on our table when we were customizing our ice cream. Yay for excess manpower! :-) 

Yay mine! :-) I really really like white chocolate even though it's not actually real chocolate. 

I don't think I'll visit the pop-up store again unless it's a special occasion or if I am in need of an emergency treat and happen to walk pass it (which is highly unlikely) because it's something too rich to eat regularly. But the entire experience is in no way a negative one and I actually think that it's rather lovely and definitely worth a try! No regrets going at all and I had fabulous company too. 

Afterwards, we hung out and I got to try 'Petit Provence", which was a Japanese style bakery that I read before in The Straits Times' Sunday Lifestyle section and wanted to try it for quite a while. The baked goods were all small sized - I think the 'Petit' in the name means petite - and that's good because I get to try a variety without feeling too full. Plus, the buns range from 70-90cents only apiece so that's nice.

Sorry for unfocused photo :-(

I got a chocolate wassant (wassants are their speciality if I'm not wrong), a cheese bun and a sausage bun and they were all quite lovely and conveniently bite-sized. I would definitely grab a few buns in future if I were to walk pass this bakery again. 

And the two of us continued to walk around Vivocity, which was my old childhood primary school hangout. Somehow, we always thought it was a cool shopping mall and always visited it which was kind of weird. 

With my future husband!

Gorgeous Ragini in her gorgeous dress (love the colour whoop whoop) 

And then there's me :-) 

We did a bit more exploring afterwards, not in the Habourfront area though and I'll save that for another post! Thank you for the wonderful company, genie - you were great and really fun to hang out with and thanks for tolerating all my nonsense hehe!

Oh and just a side note, I am currently working part time so I may not be that active going around exploring places and blogging. It's a new experience though as I've never worked before.

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