Jac's Sixteenth

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Jaclyn! :-) 

So even though Jac's birthday party happened 2 weeks ago, on 9 November, I shall only blog about it on her actual day, which is today - so I get to properly wish her! It was a really enjoyable day spent, so thank you so much Jac for inviting and organizing everything. 

Before her party, I was attending some panels at the Singapore Writers' Festival and so I met Wang You at Plaza Singapura (she had art classes before that) to head there together. I really wanted to try Starbucks' Christmas Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha Frappe - wow that was a mouthful - and it has officially overtaken Peppermint Mocha as my favourite christmas drink! The cranberry sugars sprinkled on top were amazing. Wang got the toffeenut thing but honestly, there was nothing fantastic about it (sorry!) 

The two of us had a really weird bus ride - well, we were both being very strange and I was laughing like mad and dropped my SWF booklet on the floor and this dude had to pick it up for me. Oh, and we missed our bus stop as well because I pressed the bell too late (then again, if Wang You was alone, she'd probably won't know where to alight anyway) so we ended up having to walk this really long distance, which added to the long route we'd have to trek anyway. 

The road leading to the Singapore Island Country Club, where Jac's birthday bash was held was obviously not meant for humans to walk on because there weren't any pathways at all. We walked about three-quarters of the way and still the country club wasn't in sight. Fortunately for us, a car that was driving out stopped for us and the people in the car (a husband and wife duo) asked us if we were heading for a birthday party and if we wanted a lift as the road was going uphill. They made a U-turn for us and sent us up (thank you mystery parents - we didn't even get their daughter's name)!

Yay :-) We finally made it heh heh

With my travel buddy Wang! Finally made it to the party safely and not-as-sweatily.

And of course, with the pretty pretty birthday girl, Jac! 

The theme of her party was "Music Festival" and it's funny because a few weeks ago, when I was with the MPP group in Jac's car, her mum was talking about how for her daughter's party, she would just book a ballroom and let us blast music and allow everyone to go wild dancing and that was exactly what happened. We turned the lights off and everyone starting going crazy, which was really fun. After a while, we headed outside to take photos!

With Wang, Phion, Shemz and Swan! I really like this photo it's so cute. 

The Boings (who were present - missing you Priya!) with the birthday girl, Jac! 

When all the photo-taking was done, Jac announced that it was dinner time. Afterall, what's a party without food? :-) She had handpicked the menu and all of us agreed that the food was really good. At first, it was really weird because the tables and all were very classy, such like that of a wedding dinner but when we started eating, everyone just became themselves.

Yay :-)

The food!

Jac sat at our table (heh heh honoured) 


Of course, we had to act like the Ribena was red wine just because it was served in wine glasses. 

After dinner, many of us headed back into the ballroom (which was freezing) to go crazy once again. But perhaps the after-food lethargy kicked in for us, and we never regained the energy we had in the early stages of the party. 

With Emma! :-) She was the only one who dressed to the "Music Festival" theme - you can always count on her to dress up appropriately. 

With Sarah & Phionna!

Then, they said we could steal (well, take) the helium balloons from the dinner tables and I grabbed a bunch and realized that they were House coloured. Like only that bunch was House coloured and it was all perfectly colour coordinated so I was really happy. I always wanted to have a photo of myself holding House coloured balloons (shallow wish I know) and I actually planned on buying them for the next Channel 5 outing so we'd could take photos with them. I guess that isn't very necessary anymore :-)

Love love love helium balloons. 

Deskie photo with our House-coloured balloons heh those two Richardsonians!

And we ended the night off with cake! :-)

Thank you Jaclyn for the lovely night and Happy Sweet Sixteenth! Thank you for being such an amazing amazing friend - being my MPP groupmate, "Top Models", just to name a few. To be honest, when I first met you, I didn't really know what to expect and my first impression of you was that you were banned from going to Bugis, which was so weird. But after doing so many things together, I have realized that you are still weird, but extremely nice as well :-) Behind how demure you look, you are actually really quite strange and quirky as well. I will miss you so much when you leave but I'm sure you'll meet many new people who will appreciate you for your wonderful personality and please please come back with a hot ang moh boyfriend (I'm sure you'll have many chasing after you hurhur)! I admire your confidence so much and I love ya Jac - stay happy and safe. 

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