Dramafest 2013

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I have so many things to blog about, but I shall do it slowly, in chronological order, even though I am dying to blog about graduation. 

Happy (early) Halloween! :-) 

Last Friday (25 October), I attended my very last RG Dramafest (well unless I come back next year to watch it) and dressed up for Halloween for the very first time! It was such a fulfilling and eventful night and I honestly don't know how I'm going to put everything into words because I got really emotional throughout everything, and that's something I will touch on later in this post. 

Like last year's Dramafest, the theme was Halloween, which is apt considering Dramafest is always held in October and as usual, people attending it were encouraged to dress up and the Boings decided to go all out considering it was our last year and well, it would be really fun! To be honest, we were all feeling extremely self conscious about ourselves but we told ourselves that we were already Year Fours so if we were to be judged, we'll just take it in our stride. Besides, who's to judge us? /glares/ 

Also, we heard that the prize for the Best Dressed was a minion soft toy (courtesy of Swan) so we embarked on Project Win-a-Minion, to make sure that at least one of us won the award and guess what? We did! :-) Priya won the award - we were all so proud :') 

So here we are - witches and a doll! 

Priya! :-) 

Sarah! :-) 

Phionna! :-) 

Me :-) 

Throughout the night, almost no one could recognize me and it was a bit strange. I think it's because I was dressed as a witch and mostly because I wasn't wearing spectacles. I had wanted to try to see if my eyes could take it wearing contact lenses through the night in preparation for FAM (Farewell Alma Mater - in other words, our prom!) and it felt super tiring to be honest :-( I really really don't like the feeling and I'm not used to how I look without spectacles as well so it was really weird - may just reconsider the decision to go spec-less.

With Sarah! :-)

I think all Houses put on wonderfully brilliant performances and I'm so proud of everyone because I know how difficult it is to stage a play like that - trust me, I've been through that before (last year!) But after watching Waddle's play, I teared up quite a bit. Fortunately there was an intermission for me to take a breather and let the feeling sink into me because I felt so incredibly proud of my little Waddle juniors. 

It was crazy because I initially wanted to sign up to help out for Dramafest this year, but I decided against it somehow as I thought I should let go for once and I was right. This performance was the first tangible result of new leadership in Waddle and I just felt so heartened because our play was so amazing (it was super entertaining and in my opinion, the best one of the night - no bias) and for the first time in a few years, I didn't have a hand in it. It made me feel like I was dispensable... in a good way which basically meant I should finally let go and leave this school and of course, this House in the very capable hands of Karyn and Jiaying and the other little Waddle juniors. 

If you know me, you'll know that I have this crazy strong emotional and perhaps physical attachment to Waddle and I simply can't let go of this baby but after watching the play, it truly gave me a wonderful and much needed moment of epiphany, telling me that it was time and the little ones were more than ready to bring Waddle to greater heights, without my guidance :-) Because of that, I felt like this Dramafest was truly a significant one for me - it marked a milestone where I finally felt like I have done enough and my term has officially ended. 

And that aside, more photos of crazy us! :-)

With my fellow witch, Priya! 

To those who were wondering, Tarbet won, followed by Richardson and Waddle won third best play, which is really commendable - I was so proud of them! :') 

And to end of the post, all of us in Halloween garb! Happy Halloween everyone! :-) 

(I'm really emotional now, because of Graduation but I'll save that for another day) 

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