Swan's Sixteenth

Saturday, October 26, 2013

So Swan turned sixteen on Monday, and of course, the Boings celebrated it with her! :-) 

We had initially planned a morning birthday surprise, to have a little picnic in the Koi Pond so all of us met in the morning (with the exception of Sarah and Shermaine who were in school) at Far East to get some fried chicken - which Swan and actually all of us love. However, we found out that KFC wasn't open that early in the morning so we got it from another stall instead. 

When we reached school, we realized that Swan wasn't in school yet to "help Sarah with an English essay" and she couldn't be contacted on her phone either. We deduced that she overslept - yet again (HAHA sorry Swan). 

Sad kids with birthday things but no birthday girl :-( 

Boooo :-( 

All of us then had to go to class to attend or rather, endure two hours of Mother Tongue lessons before we carried out our surprise plan during recess. Sarah met Swan in the canteen first while the rest of us set up the little "picnic" space. 

The grass was really wet actually :-( 

The cake that Shermaine got! :-) 

Chicken wings and cabbage - Swan's favourites! They were quite cold by then though, which wasn't ideal. 

Sarah leading Swan to the "surprise"! :-) I wonder if she actually did close her eyes hehe - judging by the way she was walking, she did!

Yay what a happy girl :-) 

Full group shot :-)

To be honest, I feel like we are one of the craziest bunch of Year Fours because of the insane things we always do and how we are all so "out-there" and I find myself very fortunate to have such beautiful and lovely friends who have made my last year in RG so fulfilling and fun. 

Swan blowing out her candle! 

Truth be told, the grass patch is terribly unconducive to have a picnic because the grass was really wet and it soaked through the picnic mat and also technically we aren't allowed to eat there because it's outside the café boundary as well so we moved onto the concrete to eat.

Professional cake cutter :-) 

I love Swan's expression here! 

Anyway, Happy 16th Birthday once again, Swan! :-) I hope you've enjoyed your birthday surprise and the birthday presents and basically having us as your friends because you mean a lot to us as well! I'm sorry for the times where I've annoyed you but I'm still going to continue doing it because I know you still love me hurhur. You're such a cool buddy, but secretly extremely lame as well which is really funny. I'm really honoured that I'm now on your mum's prized photo-displaying corner - please leave me there for a long time :') Thanks so much for everything, love ya! Oh but please please stop oversleeping because you make me hate you when you do.


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