CCA Awards Day

Thursday, October 31, 2013

My second last day as an RGS student was spent at CCA Awards Day, which is a rather nice conclusion to the things I've embarked on in my four years in this school, especially this year. Although the ceremony was quite terrible in terms of organization and atmosphere, I guess the meaning behind it - to celebrate the non-academic achievements of us students - is pretty apt and fitting as one of my last memories in this school as a student. 

For me, this CCA Awards Day mainly centred around the contributions I made to my leadboard - House -but even more than that, it focused on the people who have made my journey in House Comm so fulfilling. With that, I shall use this opportunity to start on my graduation dedications (even though this post isn't about graduation) to the people who were involved in my House journey every step of the way. 

First, Waddle House Comm

(unfortunately, not everyone pictured here but I love y'all all the same) 
(also, this is such a terrible photo we all look like we are squatting because we were so scared) 

This does not just apply to the people in the photograph/ present at CCA Awards Day but every single one of you yellow duckies! Thank you all so very much for all the contributions you guys have made to House Comm and Waddle in general. You guys have been the most dedicated, efficient and wonderful people around and it has been such a joy working with y'all! I admit that I may not be the most effective leader - I find it difficult to encourage, I find it difficult to delegate and there are times where I don't even feel like I can carry a casual conversation with some of you if it didn't have relevance to work (yes sounds terrible, I know) but you guys have tolerated my socially-awkward self and worked with it, which I'm so thankful and grateful for. I may not be the coolest House Captain, I may not have the loudest voice, I may not be the funniest person around but you guys are the best of the best and thank you for allowing me to work with you all! The other House Captains always tell me that I have a great comm and I agree wholeheartedly. 

I apologize for the times I have let you guys down, let Waddle down and I'm sorry if I haven't been tapping on the full potential of you guys because I believe that you guys are so much more. I love every single one of you and to my batchmates - thank you; to my juniors - jiayou, have fun and go forth! :-) To Karyn and Jiaying - thank you for the brilliant year with JELLO and I trust that you guys will bring Waddle to greater heights, higher than it has ever been. I have faith in the two of you. 

Shi Min, Codee, Jing En & Shermaine! :-) 
best subcomm I/Cs around!!!!!!!!!!! (including those not in picture) 

Second, Jing En!

The best vice captain in the whole wide world!!!! :-) Thank you so much for all that you've done for Waddle and done for me - I wouldn't trade you for anyone else. I know the both of us keep saying this but it's really insane how those little letters we exchanged when we were Year One and barely even knew each other has blossomed into something so magical and so much more than the friendship we shared on those pieces of paper (that were mostly yellow). It's crazy how you've been with me every step of the way - encouraging each other to try out for Waddle House Comm at the end of Year One, getting called up by Anissa to submit a drawing, campaigning for Waddle Vice Capts in Year Two and working together in CELL and finally, campaigning again in Year Three and working together in JELLO :') Even though you might not know it, you've been such a great pillar of strength for me and I don't know what I'd do without you. 

You always seem to think that you are not good enough and that many things seem to come to you "accidentally" but trust me - you are and you are so much more than what you think of yourself! You are beautiful, and I love how you're seemingly quiet but can go crazy when the occasion calls for it. Thank you for these four years of amazing company and here's to more years! :-) 

Third, Boings

(missing Swan) 

You guys probably know I'd do a separate dedication for y'all some other day but honestly, you all did contribute to my House journey in one way or another and I wouldn't have survived without the support from you guys! Constantly encouraging me, telling me how Channel 5's morning announcements went, asserting me that I was good enough and even trying to lighten my load by getting your Waddle juniors to participate in IHGs (thanks Sarah) - big thank you :') There are times when House work makes me go insane but you guys told me not to give up and all is worth it in the end. I'm sorry for the times where I've irritated you guys with my crazy passion for Waddle and (sometimes) teasing your Houses in front of you all! Thanks for tolerating me and I love you guys very much.

And now for a short intermission between my dedications for cute photos from CCA Awards Day! :-) 

Best photographer ever - thanks Codee! 

Finally, Channel 5!

We all come from different Houses - 5 different yet vibrant colours of Tarbet, Buckle, Richardson, Waddle and Hadley - and yet we've somehow all been conferred the crazy title of "House Captain" and were made to work both together and subtly against each other. 

Huiying, Melissa, Minglu and Vanessa, thank you so much for everything we've been through this year. We've gone through so much shit and so many rainbows together and our friendship has blossomed through all these as well, which I'm so thankful for. I think it's really funny because 4/5 of us (without Minglu) worked on Housecomm Induction Camp 2012 and we got scolded for screwing up almost everything by our favourite Mrs J (she's legit one of my favourites now - no sarcasm at all!) and what we've experienced afterwards is nothing compared to our little stint then. 

From emceeing at the Year One's Orientation concert, working on our public speaking skills together, being competitive with each other, playing our favourite games at *SCAPE, celebrating birthdays, going for photoshoots and seeing our faces everyday on a banner displayed in the parade square amongst many others. You guys have been lovely companions and even though our characters differ a lot, we somehow managed to work quite well (not the most efficiently though) and I think we've all lost count the number of Google Documents we have created and worked on together. Sacrificing our academics (well maybe except Van HAHAHA), sacrificing our sleep, sacrificing our time for House was all worth it, and you guys made it better! :-) 

I admit, we must be one of the most thick-skinned people around but I love it and we've had so many embarrassing moments in front of the school, screwing up announcements, making bad jokes but always, never failing to laugh it off. You guys are amazing and I love you all! Even though for majority of us, our House leadership journey ends here (at least, at this point of time we don't think we'll be joining Council in JC), we all know that deep down, the House spirit runs wild and strong and there's no changing that. Ever.

With that, I conclude my CCA Awards Day dedications :-) House has been such a huge part of my RG life and I've never ever regretted my decision to apply for House Comm in Year One. In fact, it's probably the best decision I've made in my 4 years here. 

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