Speech Day 2013

Saturday, August 24, 2013

heh heh heh my little Waddle year ones!  I see them everywhere on posters, banners etc. (x 

Hello friends :-)

Firstly, thanks so much for all your care and concern regarding my last blog post, it truly means a lot to me, be it anonymously or in person! I feel truly blessed and I know that I always have been so thank you so much. Personally, I believe time is able to heal most things so I was already feeling much better about myself and about my mum today - in fact, this feeling was triggered by my form teacher, Mr Faizal's Whatsapp message to the class group which was the first thing I read when I woke up this morning. 

"Be sure to thank your parents, teachers, friends tomorrow as without them the award means nothing." Indeed, I wouldn't be here without my parents :') Though I still don't find whatever that happened yesterday justified, there's no point for me to continue to be mad because life still goes on. In fact, my parents are probably one of the most supportive ones ever. As a side note, can I just add that I have the most amazing form teacher ever?  406 is truly fortunate to have him - he really  cares for every single one of his students and it's crazy how amazing he is considering he just joined RGS this year! Plus he uses #hashtags! 

With that being said, Speech Day took place today and it's my second and most probably final time attending this ceremony (first time was in Year One where I received an award I honestly don't think I deserved because I mean, I didn't even do anything significant in Year One but okay that aside). To be honest, Speech Day doesn't mean that much to me because it's essentially a day where the school showcases our achievements to the board of Governors which I personally don't feel encourages unity as a whole school because they focus on just the best. Then again, I'm still incredibly honoured to be receiving something - it doesn't matter what it is, just know that it isn't an academic award (not surprisingly). It was a fun Saturday though, as all of Boings were there - Pri, Wang and Phionna who were receiving awards as well as Sarah and Swan who are amazing people who went to support us / make up the numbers for the number of representatives per class. Passed Swan and Sarah my camera so the photos here are mainly taken by the both of them - thanks so much :') I really appreciate it!


Sarah, Azaleah & Emma! :-) 

The walk into the hall where everyone looks really glam :') 

Ragini! :-) 

Wang You! :-) 

Phionna! :-)

Everyone looks so happy and glam and then there's me :-) 

 No shame though. 

Eden, Tiffany and myself! :-) 

We sat through the Principal's Report for the year, speeches (some of which were fairly entertaining) and received our awards. I don't think there's much to touch on because Speech Day is a very structured and formal event. There was however, a concert segment after the prize presentation and that was quite enjoyable - my school mates in the various performing arts groups of course did amazingly as usual. Thank you all for your hard work :')

At noon, after three hours, it was time for the reception which was probably what most of us have been waiting for!
The 406 people who were present at Speech Day with Mr Faizal! :-) Swan, Eng Yin, Debbie, Sarah, Phionna, Wang You, Qian Wei, Azaleah and myself! Not including Priya and Emma though, unfortunately 

And, the Boings at the lunch reception! We are happy with food because food makes for happy bellies. 

Demure and happy 

Less demure and more happy 

Our true selves! 

Even crazier selves (I love Swan's expression here) 

Getting weird 

Alright, back to normal (almost) 

We had so much fun together today, I truly appreciate the five of them for making such a significant impact in my Year 3 & 4 RG life because they are one of the craziest people I know. With them, I can really let loose and even though they still judge me for doing strange things, I know that they are all secretly super weird too. It felt amazing having all of them present at the last ever Speech Day we'll ever attend because they mean so much to me and like what Mr Faizal said in the Whatsapp message, without friends, the award means nothing. They have been with me during the two busiest years of my secondary school life, supporting me constantly whenever I got stressed out and encouraging me all the way. I wouldn't have survived these two years without them, much less get an award? So thank you so much Boings :') 

Today feels like Thanksgiving Day but I have no qualms about it being that way. Of course, I shall save the last one for my parents! 

Even though what I said yesterday still holds true because that is a mindset that the both of us will definitely have and won't change overnight, I can safely say that though she doesn't have faith in my academic ability, I just hope that I still do her proud with my other achievements. I'm sorry that I'm not good enough, I'm sorry for not meeting up to your expectations and I'm sorry for always being so frustrated whenever you fail to understand where I am coming from. At the same time, thank you for always tolerating my nonsense, thank you for sacrificing so much for me, thank you for trying your best to support me in whatever I do even though you might not agree with it. I have only one mummy, and you are that mummy, which makes you the best mummy I ever had and will ever have! I just hope that you would have more confidence in me because that would mean the world to me. Other than that, thank you for everything and I love you :-) 

Of course, even though Yap Papa did not attend Speech Day and is not pictured here, I love you very very much too :-) In this entire world, I think are the person who believes in me the most. Too much, in fact, but I'm not complaining. You always believed that I'd get into RGS and I did. You always believed that I would become Waddle Captain when I was campaigning for vice captain and true enough, I did two years later. You have so much confidence in me, and I can't thank you enough for that, really. Thank you for being so understanding about my academics - you and mummy are worlds apart when it comes to this topic but I appreciate the viewpoints of both! You believe that I'll become Singapore's first female Prime Minister (what a joke really) and that makes me very happy but unfortunately, I can assure you that it'll never happen! But thank you so much, you're the best papa ever!!

Alright, I have come to the end of my Speech. Thank you for listening (reading) :-) 

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