Blackberry Popsicles

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hello friends :-)

I am trying to go on a healthy diet while I still can (because EYAs are coming up in a week's time and I'm pretty sure I'd binge eat like mad during that period) but of course, Li Yin still needs a dose of sweet tasting things and natural sweeteners like fruits are great in fulfilling this.

Then again, fruits are extremely boring to eat on it's own so here's a healthy recipe for blackberry popsicles! I didn't use any sugar in mine and that works if your blackberries are sweet but if they're sour, you can add one tablespoon of sugar into your concoction or mash a banana in there. Also, you can use any berries you like - my personal favourites are raspberries - but I had blackberries on hand :-) 


1. 120g of blackberries (or any other berries)
2. 230ml of milk 
3. 1 tablespoon jam
4. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 
5. One banana or 1 tablespoon sugar (if your fruits are sour) 
6. Popsicle moulds (you can use paper cups and ice cream sticks as well)

1. Stir in the vanilla extract into the milk 

(You can actually see my reflection in the spoon) 

2. Stir in the jam into the milk

3. Mash 2/3 of your blackberries together with your banana/ sugar (optional) - either in a food processor (which I don't have) or just by this cheap method of putting them in a plastic bag and pressing them by hand - it's a great way of de-stressing as well!

4. I like my popsicles chunky but if you prefer, strain the mashed blackberries through a sieve to remove the seeds and then pour them into the milk mixture

5. Mix till it looks smooth! (At this point, you can also drink it as a nice blackberry smoothie - I tried some and it tastes really good) 

6. Coarsely chop your remaining blackberries

7. Equally divide the blackberries into your moulds

8. Pour your mixture into the moulds! :-)

9. Freeze for at least 8 hours (please don't be impatient!!!)

And there you have it! :-) Home made blackberry popsicles - my blackberries were actually pretty damn sour and I didn't add sugar nor a banana so it wasn't that much of a sweet treat. But the milk did neutralize the tartness a little and it was quite a refreshing popsicle to have. Definitely makes one feel good eating it :-)

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