Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tomorrow officially marks the first day of the year end school holidays which means that the school term has also officially come to a close (well, it technically has closed already two days ago but well, for the purposes of making the opening of my post more dramatic -).

Not sure if many of you can tell, but the last week of school for 2012 has been... a roller coaster ride.

On Monday, we had our Year 3 Fun Fair where my class organized a Haunted House!

Me with fellow clown buddy, Phionna! 

The cast of 306's freakshow

Insanely proud of our class - we raised the most money out of all the classes in our batch, with an amount that totalled more than $400! 

On Tuesday, I was down with a horrible horrible inflamed throat and fever and flu and all the viruses that came together in the package I always get when I fall sick. 

On Wednesday, it was the Year 4's Graduation and Farewell Assembly.

I realized that I have yet to blog about this graduating batch of Year 4s yet and to be honest, it still hasn't really sunk it that these big lovely seniors of mine will no longer be around or are already not around. 12affles batch is definitely the batch of seniors that I'm closest with, for we are only one year apart and there's so many special and lovely people in that batch that means so much to me. 

Thank you, batch'12 for always being there, for showing the path and for being the most amazing mentors any junior can ever imagine to have. There are so many of you who are so dedicated to everything you do and trust me, even if I don't know every one of you personally, the entire school is witness to the amazing passion your entire batch emits everywhere y'all go. Your batch has left a legacy as being one with a crazy amount of energy - infectious energy. 

Thank you so much, seniors. 

On Wednesday, it was also Dramafest. 

Waddle did a pretty amazing job, I must say (': 
We definitely improved leaps and bounds during the actual performance as compared to the previous few rehearsals we had. 

Thank you Valerie, Lei Zuo, Jing En, Jiaying, Karyn, Lijia, Kelsie, Krisi, Qi Shuen, Wen Wen, Na Yeon, Rhe Anne, Lei Rong, Tricia, Vicki & Yun Ting for spending your time working on Dramafest and making it such a wonderful success. You guys are amazing!

After Wednesday, the week took a turn for the worst, for reasons I shall not mention. But life is fine now, and I'm really excited for the holidays - it's going to be a time to relax, recharge and revise. Wow, how pairing! 

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