Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pressure, an absolute horror when put in place in a manner far less than healthy. Pressure, is what leads to an insane number of adverse consequences. Possibly everyone living in this world has experienced some form of pressure, good or bad. The pressure of feeding a family for one more day, the pressure of finding a job, there are countless pressures everywhere. In a school under Singapore's education system, an education system that supposedly "works", immense amounts of pressure are placed upon students. 

Pressure takes the form of anything you can imagine and comes in every way possible - expectations of oneself, peer influence, overprotective parental control, society's mindsets and social norms, amongst others. Expectations to excel in every single branch of one's life are most evident in Asian countries like ours. In a meritocratic society, success takes the form of academic achievement most of the time while every other aspect is most likely overlooked. The competitive spirit creates unhealthy pressure, with students cramming and studying instead of the ideal learning and growing. Such pressure isn't something every single student is able to handle and sometimes, the easiest path chosen could possibly be escapism.

Escaping from reality, escaping from pressure and finally, escaping from life in itself by ending it. In my opinion, that is an extremely dumb and the worst choice anyone could ever make, but sometimes, desperate times call for desperate measures. To some, there is no point in continuing life judging from the route it is taking and death seems like a quick and easy way out. But no, don't ever ever ever attempt to take your life. Anyone, out there. 

It causes pain, fear, regret, guilt, amongst the many emotions, not just in yourself, but the people around you, the people who love you and the people who care for you. 

Sometimes, pressure can be a horrible thing. But it's up to you to make the pressure you get into good pressure. 

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