Thursday, November 8, 2012

So much love for my sec one and two class (the amazing 204'11)! (':

That's right, so school holidays have officially started and it started amazingly on Monday by spending my time with the people I love - PB Formal Farewell in the morning (thank you Fiam, you've been dear!) and of course, 204'11 chalet thereafter!

To be honest, Formal Farewell went by sort of in a blur - it was too early in the morning and I was in a daze. The speeches were really good and extremely entertaining though, courtesy of Gen and Chloe. It's going to be rather weird thinking that Fidu is (kind of) officially the most senior batch of prefects now and again, I've probably touched on this topic for countless times and for countless reasons but it is indeed going to be... nerve wrecking and overwhelming. 

That aside, Jie Lin and I made our way to Pasir Ris immediately after Formal Farewell to meet our dear ex-classmates for lunch before we checked into the Arandas chalet! It felt so good to see my 204'11 classmates again - I love them so very much and Year 2 is probably going to be the best year I've ever experienced in RGS, even though I'm not done with my four years yet. 

After checking in, we split up into different activities and I went cycling with Angelia and Dawn - my favourite class chairpersons in the entire universe. I absent mindedly forgot to bring my student pass along with me, which resulted in us only being allowed to rent two bicycles - a single bicycle and a tandem bicycle to accommodate the three of us. Riding a tandem bicycle was more difficult than we had expected and we ended up struggling a lot but once we got the hang of it, it was extremely fun having to work together to control and power the bicycle. 

Cycling with them just made me feel so happy, feeling the breeze in my hair and thinking about nothing at all. I haven't experienced such a feeling in a long, long time and being with my sec two classmates just brings back the carefree memories and emotions that I've felt. 

After cycling, we went to E!Hub to shop for groceries for our class that will last us for the night. It's amazing to do something as 204 chairs again - I absolutely love doing things with Angelia and Dawn! It was so funny how we bought so much nonsense that appealed mostly just to the three of us like snow peas and green bean pastries. 

For dinner, we ordered pizza into the chalet (the pizza guy was pretty cute kekeke don't tell anyone this) and devoured the food as a class which was a little weird because all of us were just standing and chewing around the boxes of pizza and there was this weird silence but someone commented that it was a "comfortable silence" (': Ahh I love 204!

Then, we watched Saw II (which wasn't even scary at all and to be honest, it was a horrible movie with no plot, not a lot of character exploration and if the gory parts were supposed to be the most interesting parts, I don't think it was successful in doing so) and I was introduced to Doctor Who which is an amazing show. I can't believe that I never dared to watch this show for fear of disappointment but boy, for the episodes that I watched at the chalet, the plot is so witty and well-developed and the Eleventh Doctor is so amazingly talented and charming! 

Halfway through the night, because of presumably an allergic reaction, my upper left lip started swelling up a lot - something which I have never experienced in my life so I didn't know how to react to it. I must have looked quite a sight with Angelina Jolie- sized lips and they got really red too. I iced it and I was so glad they subsided after around eight ice cubes. Thank goodness the reaction I got was just the swelling of my lips and not what I usually get which is asthma which could have been pretty severe. 

At around midnight, some of us became bored, so we decided to go out and walk around Downtown East - more specificially, E!Hub - but we realized that all the stores were closed and there was practically nothing except the bowling alley. So, we headed to a nearby Macs (because trusty Ronald stays open 24/7)! 

Well, well, some typical toilet camwhoring 

(Also, I sincerely apologize for the horrible quality of photos in this blog post but no one brought a camera to the chalet and we end up having to use our phone cameras which ends up being a little grainy)

Midnight gang consisting of Samantha, Najla, Clare, Tabitha, Dawn and myself! 

We reached the chalet at a little later than 1AM accomplishing nothing except that feeling of feeling like a rebel and the adrenaline rush of scaring ourselves while walking through the dark and narrow pathways of Downtown East (not so dark and not so narrow but well, you get what I mean).

Plonked at the side of the bed and dozed off while some of them continued to play cards. Did I mention that I do not know how to play any form of  games relating to poker cards? I don't particularly enjoy card games or board games or any form of social gathering games which is why I have never bothered to learn them (Is that a "loser!" I hear? Well I've gotten quite used to it).

Woke up the next day (pretty early, in fact) and headed out for breakfast with Angelia and Dawn (': Lovely time once again.

Soon after, the class checked out of the chalet and we parted ways. I really love this bunch of people, we should meet up at least once per year! 

(please pardon me if my blogging style seems a little different in this post, I'm just feeling rather high and "fluffy" for no known reason!)

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