Friday, July 13, 2012

Time is passing way too fast. 
It's scary, yet exciting all the same.

But I'm really starting to learn how to enjoy my life even when it's getting crazier. So many things have happened this week and there are so many things I have to be thankful for, such as my wonderful Moot Parliament group (':

We went to RI for an MPP Debating workshop on Wednesday, which I would say was more of a briefing rather than a workshop. Anyhow, it felt really good spending time with that weird bunch - Jac, Chris, Sam and Mel - I love love love you guys so much. It was the day of our Bill submission which kind of means that our MPP journey was soon coming to an end, apart from the Debates, and well it has been an amazing journey! 

The journey's not over yet - we are still aiming to win Best Bill (hoho) and um Debate Champs (hoho) which is quite a far fetched dream since we might not even make it to the debate rounds. But these group of people has made my RS blocks so interesting, and not something that I dread. 

From the time where some of us barely knew each other, 

to meeting our student mentors at Dunman (all sane and demure), 

walking from NUS Law School to the prata place, 

getting lost in the Botanic Gardens, 

camwhoring in NUS, 

staying up till around 3AM during our sleepover to rush our presentation, 

to getting trashed at our MPP presentations

and i can't wait spending the entire day (skipping school!!!) with you guys during debates! 

Had a relaxing dinner with them after the Debates Workshop on Wednesday - we headed to Old School Delights at Upper Thomson and the sense of nostalgia and calmness of the place really overwhelmed me - I'm proud to be a kid who played five stones. After all the drama on Tuesday, that dinner was really all I needed. Especially loved the company I was with. Headed to Salted Caramel across the street for dessert and it was good (': Took photos (of course, we're the crazy group!) but currently only have this one of Mel and myself!

Everything is happening so quickly - everything seems to be coming to an end soon.
It's time for my entire batch to step up as seniors - felt immensely proud during Guides on Friday when it was a CL nominee session. It's crazy how it seems like it was just yesterday when we were accepted into Guides as recruits and now - we're not only growing, but we've grown.

So many changes, let's just live life for the moment and hope I don't lose my sanity.

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