Saturday, July 21, 2012

Peter Pan dreams aside, this week has been amazing. 
One of the most memorable weeks this term, although I had imagined it to be one of the busiest/ craziest ones. There were so many complications and clashing schedules that I never thought I would be able to fix but I'm so fortunate everything fell into place. 

So here's how my week went:
Monday - Literature Workshop!
Tuesday - Chinese Dough Modelling Workshop (to make up for the excursion that I would be missing on Wednesday)
Wednesday - Philosophy COI
Thursday - Guides! 
Friday - Swim Carn (which did I mention, was amazing?) 

In a nutshell, the lit workshop was a bore, didn't really take home anything and it's really quite ridiculous to expect us to write a poem on the spot in half an hour, in a classroom environment, which is definitely not the best place for creative / inspirational juices. My poem turned out horrendous, everything was just so literal and cringe-worthy. The workshop definitely wasn't worth missing Guides for. Oh well, it was compulsory, what can I say? Chinese Dough Modelling Workshop, organizing in conjunction with Mother Tongue fortnight in my school, was pretty fun and Philosophy COI SA went pretty well, made some friends with my fellow COI mates. 

Nowadays, Guides is always something that I look forward to every week. Didn't use to be the case, to be honest. No idea why actually. But now, after three years there, I finally realize how much this CCA means to me - I really enjoy the things we do, they are so away from what people normally do in their lives, so basic, so lovely. And doing these things with my batch makes the experience all the more amazing. I'm so proud of 13atch - how far we've come from being that bunch of little sec ones. Tomorrow, the seniors are stepping down and we are stepping up - an incredibly surreal feeling but I'm pretty sure we can handle it with ease. 

Not only in Guides, my whole batch (like the whole cohort) is stepping up. The Head Girl, PB Exco, PSB Heads, Congress Speakers, House Captains, CCA Chairs, all come from my batch. We used to be this bunch of Sec Ones in our black Orientation shirt with a medal in the front which no one really wears and now we'll be stepping up to lead the entire school soon. So. Incredibly. Fast. 

Did I mention that Swimming Carnival was a blast? 
Well, anything to do with House is more often than not an amazing experience for myself. 
Aching arms and legs right now, but all was worth it. Even prancing around in a purple swimsuit. So fortunate to have CELL, JELLO, and Waddle House Comm'12. You guys are all so amazing and you know it. 

Apologies for the lack of organization in this post - I'm just feeling so sentimental and disoriented. 

To my dear Guides 13atch, 

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