Monday, July 9, 2012

My favourite quote of all time, by my favourite inspiration of all time. 

Couldn't find a tumblr-like image of this wonderful extract of one of his songs, so I made my own. Yup I took the photograph above on my own, quite proud of it actually! Painted one nail red to add a bit of colour to the photo, removed it shortly afterwards. 

There's Math and History PPA tomorrow, which I don't think I'm all that prepared for (but hey, who would say that they are prepared for any test at all?) Results will also be out tomorrow. Feeling rather nervous and apprehensive but I guess the only thing I can do is to take it as it comes along and just accept the results, whatever it may turn out to be. 

Short post, just to sum up my current feelings - can't afford to waste any more time at this crucial point.

If the world breaks my legs, I'm gon' beat it with my crutch. 
I'll stay strong, no matter what. 

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