Thursday, September 1, 2011

You know , I haven't laughed like this for a long long time .
As in , people who see me on a daily basis probably realize that I laugh like a horse nowadays . It's hard to explain but I'm actually laughing like this cos stuff isn't as funny nowadays and I'm not as cheerful as before , and therefore things in my life don't deserve a real laugh , but instead a horse snort .

However ,

did i mention how much i love


they are so awesome i can't stand it .
So , I went to HIPS after teachers' day celebration today ! I was such an idiot . Instead of taking 190 to dhoby ghaut and just taking the mrt all the way to hougang , I took from Orchard to Bishan , changed to circle line to Serangoon and then changed to purple line to Hougang .

It was really funny , at Serangoon , there was a train that arrived at the platform . I didn't know if it was heading to the right direction , so I decided to miss it , and not run for it , just in case it wasn't the right one . So as I was walking slowly to the board that stated the direction and stations etc , I heard someone calling "Yap ! Yap !" It was Yulin and Vernise in the train so I ran in ! Gary , Pius and Benjamin were with them too . It was so funny .

Then it was really fun at HIPS , saw so many people I haven't met in a long time . The sense of nostalgia was so overpowering and really awesome (': But it was horrible that the girls and boys of 6R7 were constantly separated . I think only Gary , Emily and I spoke properly and discussed the outing . But it was still quite fail , we went to the playground , it was so hot and yeah I don't feel like touching on the boring details of my day .

Then , slowly people got really tired of the slow-paced outing , seriously it was terribly tiring and boring . So , in the end there was only Emily , Alina , Gary , Matthew , Jerome , Nigel , Ryan and myself left . We decided to hang out at the food court and just chill . Okay , then it was so awesome , the guys were so funny I kept laughing and it was really serious laughter . I was so happy and felt super relaxed around them . Gosh only these few guys can make me feel so comfortable and communication was so easy with them . It made me miss having guys hanging around , because their sense of humour is much better than a girl's in my opinion .

We were so enthusiastic about everything we were discussing that we have even created a facebook group to discuss and it's just great :D

Okay sorry for narrating about my day . But I'm really really happy .

On a sidenote , HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY to all teachers out there !

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