Monday, August 29, 2011

but i can't cos i got seriously ZERO will power .

Yeah it isn't nothing new , I'm fully aware of this lack of willpower in myself .
I say I'll conquer this . But I don't , simply because I don't have the willpower to conquer the lack of willpower . So obviously I will go nowhere .

Seriously , I have zero willpower . Or rather , I don't use the willpower I have inside of me .

You know I said that I would become vegetarian if Dr Tony Tan DIDN'T get the post as head of state ? Well , Stephanie told me that we were "supposed" to become vegetarian if he DID . But that wasn't the mindset I had when I knew of the results - meaning I didn't actually back out on my word since I thought that we were to become vegetarian only if he DIDN'T become vegetarian . But I still attempted this because I wanted to see if I could .

Oh gosh Steph if you're reading this don't kill me >:| I'm sorry .

Yeah so I was going good for the first day . I hate vegetables for one , so all I ate for meals were basically to put it simply , carbo and like mushrooms , tofu and stuff like that . It was difficult cos my family was unaware of this challenge I was trying to do and therefore I just didn't touch the meat which means that I didn't have a lot to eat ! Which was alright actually , works to slim me down .

Then , the second day was when everything went wrong . Went for CSI filming at Valerie's House [YES RGS IS SO COOL WE GET TO MAKE OUR OWN CSI MOVIES . as in we have a CSI science module it's really awesome . the filming was quite horrible though , might touch on it another day] . There , we had to eat lunch . And we had to order Macs . There wasn't anything vegetarian to eat , nearby or what not . Macs , obviously doesn't have vegetarian food . Even their salad has chicken bits in it .

I for one , didn't like veggies so obviously I didn't get the salad . All of my group members told me that I had "no choice" since Macs was the only choice . Except for maybe KFC delivery but that's no better . It didn't get better at night when my mum made fried rice cos the meat is just all fried into the rice . It was crazy to pick out the meat , not to mention a lot of explaining to do .

Yeah so basically I failed .
I'm still going to try for the rest of this week but it'll be quite difficult . It was kind of due to the lack of willpower [since I could have not eaten lunch at all or something] or perhaps its just cos I didn't inform my mum and well , made preparations first .

But anyway that's really besides the point . For something more of context , homework . Homework is something I hate doing . I procrastinate . I have no willpower to do it . End of story . I hate it when I don't do anything , but I hate it when I do work too .

But above all these , I fully believe that there's willpower in everyone of us . It's only whether or not we choose to use it . So technically I don't have the conquer my lack of willpower cos that's quite impossible if I had no willpower to start with . What I need to do now is to take it out and use it .

And it starts from now . I shall not eat my Caramel Chewy Junior till 3pm in the afternoon .
A fairly simple task , but willpower IS actually needed , no matter how small the quantity .

ate one strawberry cream cheese one yesterday . gosh so sinful :/ thanks mum for getting a box of these lovely cream filled things although you didn't manage to get tiramisu cos it wasn't ready yet .

they missed out i suppose , but it was double chocolate so i guess the chocolate on top kind of made up for it . not really actually the cream is the best part but ahh well .

p/s: haha sorry if my previous post caused emotions to run high . [certain someone whom i'm very sure is reading this if she even gets to this last statement] but ahh well PERSONAL views :D we can battle it out someday !

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