Monday, September 5, 2011

Does anybody actually eat a whole baked mooncake in one sitting on their own ? I think people usually cut it into quarters and share it with their families right ?
But well , yes , you're reading the writings of a person who eats baked mooncakes whole right now .

It's extremely heaty but I couldn't stop myself !
And it's not an exceptionally good piece of mooncake , it's just white lotus paste .

Not only did I eat a whole baked mooncake today . Apart from the three proper meals , this is what I ate in addition :
  • chocolate rice cream bun
  • two packets of twisties (yes two packets !)
  • half can of coke zero (at least its comforting that it's a coke zero and not a normal coke)
  • two cups of lemon barley (yes two cups gosh !)
  • one bar of chocolate (nope , not one cube or one square . ITS A BAR PEOPLE !)
  • one bowl of grapes
  • a few chocolate chip cookies
  • one slice of my grandma's birthday cake from yesterday (super duper sinful)
  • the baked mooncake of course !
Yes , this is terribly depressing . I ate all these PLUS my usual meals . Little wonder why I'm such a fat and chubby girl . Okay , I don't usually eat this much . So why did I today ?

It's the holidays and temptations around me become more tangible .
I know that the food's there ! It's so easy to reach for cos I know that my refrigerator's and cupboard's stocked , it's such a great way to reward myself after I studied / when I study (ahem , not like I actually deserve the above treats but ...) and well , because I give in to temptations pretty easily .

Above all , it's because the limbic system of my brain is much stronger than my pre-frontal cortex of my brain , which is super horrible cos it means the temptations I get are stronger than my yearning to do proper work . I usually eat when I'm doing work because it's kind of an excuse to delay what I'm doing .

Yeahhhhhh , I'm going to become a chubby baby by the end of this holidays .

Speaking of the pre-frontal cortex of my brain , it's really really scary how that part can control a lot of crazy things people sometimes experience . This pre-frontal cortex thing controls what one deems as the "ideal" image of himself as well . And there are some people who actually think that looking like an amputee is the "perfect" image of themselves and therefore take to cutting their limbs off / asking a surgeon to do it . I'm not looking down on real amputees but don't you think amputating healthy limbs is quite a weird thing to do ? This is known as Apotemnophilia , and if you're free do read on this topic , it's really quite interesting and sometimes a bit creepy .

Okay my pre-frontal cortex please work ! Be stronger than my limbic system please .
But nope my ideal image's gonna be one that's slim and lovely hahahhaahah ! (sigh , society nowadays . such a screwed up perception of beauty but oh well !) So yeah , pre-frontal cortex just keep thinking of that and then it will decrease my tendency to eat too .

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