Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 6 of my 30-day tumblr challenge ! :D Doing great so far , i guess . Pretty proud of myself for blogging regularly (: Anyway , here's the challenge of day 6 :

Your views on mainstream music

My views on mainstream music ? I didn't really understand what exactly mainstream music was , and therefore wiki-ed it . It confirmed my thoughts that mainstream music was like those kind of like popular music which many people listen to . My views are pretty neutral because I like the non-mainstream kind of music , like those of indie rock genres , and I love supporting independent artistes ! And I love comedy music , which is the best of all and doesn't fall under mainstream music !

Why do I like mainstream music ? Michael Jackson is the King of Pop , he sings pop songs that are under the mainstream music category , and I love the songs he sings as well as him therefore liking mainstream but nowadays , I think that the mainstream music industry is playing it too safe . Almost all the melodies and beats of songs are very similar and everyone is just using the normal chart topping beats and not exploring to something funkier or wackier . In other words , mainstream music is getting too boring for its own good .

They should just explore and don't care about what their audience think . Oh well , then I guess they won't be considered mainstream anymore and mainstream music would still be mainstream music which is conservative beats and stuff . That's really lousy .

I like non-mainstream music because they explore many different topics through melodies and they touch on touchy subjects , sometimes sounding rather crute but that's non-mainstream music for you ! And that's how I like my stuff .

But all in all , I think that both mainstream and non-mainstream music are really good and it just depends on the listener himself . Personally ? I enjoy both :D

Yay day 6 challenge completed !

Oh , Chinese was so screwed . Everyone did pretty badly in my class ): I think our teacher was pretty disappointed with my class . Perhaps the marker was really strict . And the point is that one single compo constitutes our whole semester one chinese results ! So if you flunk it , no matter how good you are at Chinese , you flunk your chinese grade for this first half of the year . If you wrote out of point and fail it , then you fail your Chinese and that's not very fair because you might be good at Chinese but this compo changed your grade . for the worse . Luckily , I didn't flunk it but I didn't do very well either ): It's like a mere 41 out or 70 DDDDD: And I had been deducted 4 marks for writing the wrong words .

How life sucks .
Not really , when you have a cool grandma who goes to RWS and gets you big packs of Hershey Kisses and Reese's Peanut Butter Pieces :D

love ,
liyin !

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