Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Okay , just a quick blog post to fulfill my 30-day challenge because I'm feeling both mentally [due to house capt nominations] and physically [due to my being out for class comm the whole day] drained .

right , so day seven of my 30-day challenge is :

Five Pet Peeves

Pet peeves ... Many things irritate me .
I'm super tired now , so let's get this over and done with , shall we ?

  1. People who are obsessed with their fringe ! alright , i admit that i sometimes get a bit too concerned over my fringe too but if you keep touching it , it's so damn irritating .
  2. People who don't finish their food ! i hate it that people don't think about the less fortunate ): you know how much i'd like to give them a slap in the face ?
  3. People who wear their shirts the wrong way round ! i just saw a guy doing this today . self-explanatory . i think it's so disgusting .
  4. People who stare at others ! oh man , please get a life . you shouldn't stare , it's really rude .
  5. Myself . i annoy myself . i am a horrible person . i am disgusting .

Alright done !
I think , from my tone of voice , you can tell that I'm really really irritated and having a pretty bad day . So yeah , I'm sorry , but deal with it .

booya .
love ,
liyin .

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