Saturday, May 14, 2011

fifth day of my 30-day challenge ! :D
It's not a very appropriate challenge , but I shall just do it :

Things you want to say to an ex

Ahhum , considering that I didn't exactly have a boyfriend , like a "real" one , I would naturally not have an ex ! But , let's just view this from the kind of character I have . I am basically a person with serious mood swings , even though I appear cheerful most of the time . Therefore , my ability to get over things is really fast , because my mood changes very often , and I would forget negative things that happened .

So , there's only one thing I would say to my ex , and that would be ;

thanks for the experience , but i'm glad i've gotten over you .

Yeap ! That's it :D Pretty brief , but day 5 completed !
I just came back from my piano lesson . Haven't heard the word "improved" in a while , but I did today . So I'm pretty happy , even though my piano playing abilities are still really really limited and I doubt I would pass when I take the exam later this year .

loveeee ,
liyinnnn .

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