Saturday, May 14, 2011

Alright , Blogger was down yesterday , therefore restricting my ability to post yesterday , which is the reason why I didn't do the challenge yesterday ): But I'm going to do two today to make up for it ! :D Third day challenge :

A book I love

Yes , it's "the five people you meet in heaven" by Mitch Albom . I haven't read it in a long time , the first time I read it was when I was nine , in primary three . I remember I was quite proud when I finished reading it , considering it was my first relatively thick "adult novel" I finished on my own , but I didn't think I had quite understood it . It was my brother's sec one literature book , if I'm not wrong , so I just took it and read it !

I haven't been reading fictional books for a while now , because of my busy schedule , therefore when I saw this challenge , the first book that came to my mind was this . I'm not sure if this is considered a good thing , I suppose it works both ways I guess . It's good cos I haven't read this is a long time , but it's still a book that has left a very lasting impression on me . It's bad cos I haven't been reading a lot , therefore limiting my ability to make a sound judgement .

But that's really besides the point . I'm not going to offer my own summary - there's many out there in the internet . It's kind of amazing , how the internet works . Anyway , I'm just going to tell you why I love it , assuming that you have already read it / some summary out there . This is shallow , but the first two words of the first page just captures your attention .

This is the first page , but the two words are the title of the chapter , and it wasn't captured in this photograph . However , from the highlighted phrase , perhaps you could derive the answer from an intelligent guess ? The two words are "The End" . Pretty smart , considering that the main character died at the start , therefore going to heaven , and meeting five people ! Relatively self explanatory , isn't it ? Mitch Albom really won me over just with the two words , I would immediately want to know what's going to happen . This book isn't one that's really very interesting , like it's storyline isn't that much of tragedy , mystery , suspense and all , but I guess it's kind of like a motivational and inspirational book , which honestly didn't really appeal to me when I was nine . But now it does and I guess I'm going to pick it up and read those words on those yellow five year old pages .

Alright , not a very substantial challenge post , but I shall make it up with the fourth - day's [today!] challenge :
Bullet your whole day

My life isn't all that interesting , but since this is a challenge , I shall do it ! :D
Be glad that today was relatively filled with activities in the morning , giving me stuff to talk about now . If this challenge fell on a weekday , that'd be so terrible . Right , so am I supposed to literally use bullet points for this ?
  • Woke up by my mother at 5.00am
  • Continued sleeping like a pig till 6.00am
  • Got ready , ate breakfast
  • Left the house with dad at 6.30am , made my way to school for the last house practice of the year ):
  • Reached RGS pretty early , at about 6.50am , made my way to the hall , but anissa and a few others were going to the amphitheatre cos the hall was being occupied by some math competition .
  • Sat down and brought out our food and stuff ! Then the other house commers started arriving , sec ones came too :D
  • Started cheering , then mingled with them , but I'm like goddamn socially awkward and always fail to mingle . It starts with a "Hello!" then all dies down .
  • Made our way to the carpark for combined mass dance , but it started raining , so everyone was squished in the foyer , it was really humid and everyone was sweating . The house commers were really worried , because the backup plan was the hall , but it was used for the competition for primary schools or something like that . To make it worse , I think we gave a bad impression to the visitors for the competition cos we would be the first thing they see when they step into the foyer O:
  • Then we changed plans , and moved to the canteen ;D The tables were really heavy to shift aside , but goodjob house comm !
  • When the sec ones were doing their mass dance , the creative arts directors [CADs] went to discuss on souvenirs for sports fest ! :D for waddle , we designed badges . Or rather , Caitlan designed it while we watched heh .
  • I felt super restless myself , I guess it was the weather that really dampened my mood ): But I really love my waddle juniors ! They are just so cute (:
  • Then interviewed teachers for the waddle newsletter , then did the last practice of mass dance with the sec ones before having combined house cheers ! :D
  • Alright , so the last house practice was officially over . We had the cheerleaders perform for us ! :D I really hope that they would win Cheer during sports fest !
  • Then we had HOUSE PARTY ! The mood was quite weird at the start , everyone was just looking at us . The sec ones were sitting down and it really didn't feel like a party . But then , Louisa blasted music and the atmosphere was so good ! It started off with house commers jumping awkwardly but later , everyone linked arms and jumped and it was really a party . I was bursting with energy and laughing .
  • Richardson's house commers joined us but their sec ones left already ): I'm not sure about the other house parties , but Waddle's was really really awesome .
  • Then we had debrief ! And we made plans for sports fest ! :D HOUSE COMM BONDING THROUGH MEALS ! I'm so excited .
  • Went home by a torturous long bus journey .
  • Ate lunch and slept without bathing at all ); I was too tired heh .
  • Woke up and it was already 6plus . Ate dinner .
  • Watched the news , and heard that MM Lee and SM Goh were stepping down . At first , I thought they were stepping down from Parliament cos the news was in Mandarin and I don't really understand a lot of Mandarin , then the first thought I had was "GEORGE YEO CAN REPLACE THEM!"
  • But no , they just retired from the Minister positions , but would still be in parliament .
  • Then , I went to bathe [finally] , read some newspapers , practiced some piano
  • And now I'm here .
Ugh my life is seriously very boring .
I can't stand it anymore .

On a lighter note , day 4 challenge complete ! ;D
And I got back my history paper yesterday ! I'm super happy cos my overall GPA for history for sem one would be 4.0 :D

Oh and you know looking at my blog stats are oh-so-amusing ! My blog garnered the most blog visits on polling day ! It was a very very sudden and sharp surge , more than seven times the number of visits I'd usually get . That means that quite a number of people whom I don't know read my views on the results of polling day ! It's quite scary yet cool . And the keywords people use to arrive at my blog is quite amusing as well ! I have stuff like "christina grimmie" , "michael jackson" which is okay , but also "i want pap to win aljunied" and "desmond choo" . The worst is "sentosa babes 2011" Its really quite entertaining to look at the stats for your blogs !

Anyway , I shall end here . This has been a pretty long post and hopefully blogger doesn't crash anytime soon :D

loveee ,
liyinnn .

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