Wednesday, March 2, 2011

right .
so i'm having quite a lot of difficulty eating without two teeth . helps that i cut down on my food intake and i save a hell load of money . but , im afraid that i'll faint again . which sucks . pulling one more out later D: so wish me luck (:

anyway , did morning announcement for house day today ! we were like scolded before that cos we were deemed not prepared or something but anyway , it went quite well ! (: i thought i would get the jitters standing & talking in front of the whole school , but i wasn't nervous at all ! haha yay for house day OT ! ;D

okay . my emotions & feelings are very unclear now . since this is a public blog ( not that anyone even visits this but still ... ) i shall not say anything but ugh D: i know its really wrong and very weird and strange but i don't know ): what can i do ? D: its just a very natural feeling heh no one will understand what i'm saying , but pictures at the start of the post are there for a reason ;D

- awkward -

kaythanksbai ;D

plan for the last 5 hours of the second of march :
- dental appointment
- math revision [ARGH MY MATH SUCKS . MY ALGEBRA SUCKS . HELP ! ):]

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