Sunday, January 2, 2011

heyhey !
this is going to be a short post ;D but look at the screen shot ! wongfuproductions actually used the same photo as me ! the one i used in my previous post . scroll down (: heehee , that means we actually searched for the same thing on google ! awesome much . i'm so happy . and by the way , i drafted the first paragraph of the post on the twentyninth , with the photo (: haah , it's nothing but it's just something that makes me feel good ;D

anyway , if you're watching ryanhiga's new video , forget it . sean isn't in it and it spoils the whole thing . if he wanted to collabo with that guy , he shouldn't make a "how to be" D: because that's only for fujiyoshi ! ;D

instead , you should watch team humour ! ;D click
to watch bloopers/behind the scenes , the actual "movie" , and also the trailer ! ;D go go go and subscribe okay !

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