Saturday, January 8, 2011


so had sec one orientation station games yesterday (: it was super super tiring ;D i was the station mistress . the sec ones just can't hear us , there were too many of them . so we had to speak very loudly . and it was quite boring doing the same thing over and over again . looking at them made me feel so old D: i want my sec one life again ! anyway it was quite fun overall . it was really cool being a senior all over again . yeap , 104 was the last class that came to my station . oh and i made a huge terrible mistake regarding my mortal D: wahaha it's too embarrassing i shall not say it here .

okay then today i went back to help with the ushering and registration of sec one parents because chairs and vice chairs were deployed to help . i was at the 104 booth ;D then a couple came . i was like , "what's your daughter's name?" then they said " jessa " WAHAHA . then i was like , OH ! SHE'S MY JUNIOR (:

then some of us stayed back to watch the concert . but i was quite bored so i left after one class finished their performance haha ;D

okay that's it (:
got to do my homework ): autobiography ugh . JUST READ MY BLOG AND MY WHOLE LIFE IS HERE . part of it .

kaythanksbye .
love ,
liyin .

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