Thursday, January 20, 2011


SORRY FOR NOT POSTING LIKE AS OFTEN AGAIN (: because seriously homework ): super a lot okay ! had math compre today and it was horrible ! and it's graded . yes , it's only the third week of school and we have tests and history tests next week ! anyway i spent super a lot of time reading the front cos it was quite confusing . but i shall not say anything else cos some other classes haven't took it yet so yup . but i guess the questions were quite alright .

okay anyway , SPIRIT WEEK wahaha so exciting ! (: anissa emailed me yesterday saying i was selected , together with two other seniors from waddle house comm to be in spirit OT ! who knows what OT stands for . i think it's like organising something ... team ? heh . anyway , we're going to work with the other people from other houses , pb , psb and congress to organise the events and activities in spirit week , which is a schoolwide activity ;D wahaha based on my memory from last year , spirit week included " be yourself day " ! (: ohmygosh awesomeness . awwh thanks anissa and the capts for giving me this opportunity !

okay then urm that's it ! D:
oh ya i was down with a fever , which led to flu , which led to a sore throat , which led to a cough . and i still went for pe and i was freaking breathless . D:

oh yes and art and design yesterday was kind of horrible ): we had to draw those porcelain jugs / mugs and stuff and mine looks totally horrible D: but i think art and design is quite fun heh ;D i can't wait for cooking ! ohmygosh . and i don't know why , dance too (: it's indian dance , that's quite fresh .

kthanksbye ;D

love ,
liyin .

school tomorrow . sad face much ):

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