Friday, December 3, 2010

helooooooooo .
sorry for going MIA , guys . okay not really . it's only four days since i last posted ? and i actually edited my intro part at the right side (: it's cooler now muahaha .

haha , but i've been super tired . i don't know why but this holiday i'm freaking restless . i tell my mother that i've been studying but in actual fact , i was just reading . it's not really considered as studying because i don't actually absorb facts when i read cos i just digress a lot and listen to music . hmm , but singapore history is really awesome . i cannot actually believe that all those stuffs actually happened on this tiny island . it's amazing . haha , but i can't actually explain in depth "all those stuffs" because well , i haven't actually been absorbing well . sigh i wish my parents are stricter on me . because i don't have any willpower myself . anyway , im really scared of world war three happening . because the guy who predicted that the 44th american president would be a black [ which is right ] and the september eleven thing [ which is right ] , predicted that at the end of 2010 , world war three would happen . that guy's dead already , by the way . so yeah i'm really scared :X

okay so what if life seems peaceful now ? it might not be peaceful everyday kay . look at korea . NOT THE FRIGGING SINGERS = =

okay anyway , on wednesday , i went out with emily for some work out thing cos both of us think that we are too fat [ i know , not think ] . anyway , we walked to hougang stadium from hougang interchange and went to jog . haaha , but both our staminas were frigging lousy and i think we only ran two or three rounds d:

then we went swimming yay . swim swam swum . haha i realised i'm quite flexible (: okay but it's nothing compared to the gymmers in my class .

hee my face looks disgustingly horrible here . so i blanked it out . but i like how my leg could touch my head like that . emily can't do it muahhaaa . yeah i know , i looked outrageously fat here .

and uh my phone kind of spoilt because it got wet haha . but i amazingly fixed it heh heh .

then lalala , went to hougang mall and saw juniors (: and yes , emily , i'll be sending you your photos through msn kay .

okay anyway , my life is darn boring . but i've been practicing on the piano so much these days (: you know , even though i'm like the worst piano-player [ i wouldnt call myself a pianist , because that's like for professionals or something haha d: ] ever , i think it's kind of amazing how my hands coordinate with each other though they're playing different things . they sometimes move so fast that my mind doesn't actually control it . okay , that's against science laws or whatever but seriously man .

alright i got to buy paint for guides banner wahaha .
christmas is coming but i don't know what to get for myself . i guess i have grown to become less materialistic after reading about poverty D: it's supposed to be a good thing . but i don't know , i just feel really weird not knowing what i want but don't need .

yay kay bye (:
love ,
liyin .

p/s: i love josh sundquist . he's my idol wahaha .

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