Monday, November 29, 2010

alohaaaaaaaaaaaaa peepos ;D

so hmm , i've changed the songs at the left of my blog (: now it's all my favourite youtube starrrs (: okay , not really . i don't know who JRAquino is . but go listen to the song " BY CHANCE " by him ;D it's the fifth one (: recognise it ? ;D if you don't , i'm gonna hit you . it was featured in A.S.S kay ? david choi's " MY TIME WITH YOU " tooo (:

go listen go listen . haha , basically the only song that isn't linked to nigahiga , wongfu or kevjumba is only CHRISTINA GRIMMIE'S just a dream . i embedded it in a post previously (: heeee i like i like .

hmmm oh yes decided to change the dentist muahaaa . so i'm gonna go for consultation / x-ray on 6 december i think . yay , at least it's not in january . because if it's in january , it might affect my schoolwork heh . haha , i never liked to visit the dentist D: my teeth has never been a dentist's favourite . except that i don't have any decayed teeth . i havent gone for fillings before (: touchwood much .

heh yay i heard for this year's holyinnocents p6 batch , there were more guys who chose RI to HCI . and jessa's choosing rgs ! (: hopefully the rgs cut off point doesn't rise drastically . but i doubt it . this year's top scholar 's results wasn't that high compared with other year's top scholars .

hehe i can't wait for the first house pract as a sec twoo (: it's gonna be in orientation ! ;D haah , though i'm not in pb or psb , i think it's really cool to be able to help out for just three hours (:

haha ,
kaybye ;D


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