Sunday, October 31, 2010

" trick or treat ! "

hello people (:
yeah i know i haven't been posting that often nowadays . but oh well , HAPPY HALLOWEEN . i really really wish that singapore had the culture of celebrating halloween . it'd be super cool . we would get to dress up in all sorts of weird stuff . haha , and get candy of course .

oh you know the meaning of saying " trick or treat " in the past was that you were supposed to give the kid candy [ yes that's the meaning now ] but the " trick " part meant that if you didn't give the kid candy , the kid would spray paint your door . that was the carried out last time . pretty scary (:

went for GYMNASTICS concert yesterday at RI ( JC ) performing arts centre . met at gillian's house at about 4 pm plus ? then went to thompson plaza for dinner with dawn , jie lin and gillian . we were all quite full so we ate popcorn chicken plus a drink (: we went to finest to buy some sweets . haha , bought gobstoppers and fererro rondnoir . then we took a bus to RI ( JC ) . security was like super slack and they just allowed us to go in . then we finally managed to find the performing arts centre after some time . it was quite cool . we were an hour early haha . it was supposed to start at seven thirty . saw deborah (: my class has many gym-ers (: eight in all , cos my class is the gymnastics dsa class ;D super cool ahaa .

then there were stickys for sale . it was like three bucks for a small tiny packet but its for charity so i bought it haha . then we bought eight stalks of flowers for every gym-er in our class to give them after the show . it was quite funny . it was like a stalk for four bucks . then the person selling was like quite shocked when we said " eight " . haha . the concert was damn nice can . our gym-ers are like super pro larh . they were all really chio too ;D

met them after the show and gave them the beautiful roses we got broke for . haha . then went home by marymount mrt to serangoon mrt and then by bus cos my father was busy and couldn't pick me up ): it was like pretty late by then . i exited from the wrong exit at serangoon mrt but at the exit there was a mad man shouting so i didnt dare to turn back and walk back inside the mrt . so i walked to the next bus stop which was really far and it was quite " ulu " and dark . oh wells . then i finally got onto the bus and sat at the back seat . i heard a familiar voice . i looked carefully at a couple sitting about five seats in front of me . it was my form teacher . this was the second time i saw her outside of school , like near my house . LOL then i got off the bus and went home . bathe and slept .

today went to my paternal grandma's house . ordered pizza , which i really hate . i hate pizzas . it's like flour with toppings but today i fell in love with a flavour , BBQ chicken . usually i just eat hawaiian but bbq's pretty nice (:

yay there's no school tomorrow ;D it's CCA awards day which i'm not involved in . there's also drama nite rehearsal but our class isn't involved . we didn't get selected . oh wells . haha , this is the spongebob costume we made for drama nite . valerie's in the costume ;D i look thoroughly unglam .

guess who drew the spongebob face ? ;DD

yay kay bye (:
love ,
liyin ;D

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