Saturday, November 6, 2010

heyyo boomz .

man i really think the word "BOOMZ" is wayyyy too overused . but oh wells .


but nevermind . there isn't studying anyway . okay so on thursday , i went to bishan with jie lin and gillian after school for a while . we walked a few rounds and bought some snacks and then it was too boring because we were pretty early because school ended early so very few shops were open so we went home haha .

yay me in the middle (:

okay so yesterday , friday , had a date with emily . *winkwink .okay so we were supposed to meet at 9am , but KNOWING HER , i knew that she would be late and didn't go to hougang interchange yet cos i thought that she should be sleeping cos she didn't reply to my sms . so i called her at 9 am when i was still at home . her voice was like , super muffled . aish , she just woke up , my call woke her up . so she said , meet at 10.30 am LOL i think i'm smart . so i went at 10.30am and she was still as usual , late . so i waited a while . then we decided where to go cos we had this pretty weird thing we wanted to do , which included using a tripod and camera tee hee hee .

so we decided on marina barrage . we took mrt and bus there and then we did something really stupid . it was like super fail and super stupid . whoa then it was was like super super hot . she was like complaining of the heat . but we finally finished what we wanted to do which ended up being quite weird and pretty fail . LOL but oh wells .

then i wanted to go to clarke quay to buy stickys . haha she finally relented . so we went there and i bought rainbow pillows or something . it's not really the typical sticky shape . okay then we took an mrt to compass point . we went to eat lunch first . she treated me to this korean thing at the kopitiam there .

it was like chicken , but mainly the plate consisted of bean sprouts and onions . and erm , we both didn't eat bean sprouts or onions and erm this was our leftovers .

yeah it looks really untouched . but hey i did try to eat some bean sprouts . LOL i gave emily this informative geography lecture on poverty and hunger but she didn't get me ugh . she was like "ehh but what has us having so much leftovers got to do with them having less food ?" so i was explaining and man , i gave up haha .

i tried my best to finish my rice . i really did ! see my bowl (: compared to emilys .

my pretty clean bowl yay ;D

her obviously unfinished bowl of rice .

LOL haha anyway , then we went to icing room , cos i promised to buy her a DIY cake for an early birthday celebration . okay i bought the small $11.80 vanilla plain looking cake which came with five icing colours plus a few sugar flowers . we had this place where we could stand with this mini lazy susie kind of turning thing where we put the cake to decorate .

we wrote " the super jujus " on the top and wrote " happy birthday emily " at the side haha . and i wrote my name at the side too LOL.

the word " JUJUS " looked really nice till emily smudged it with her camera strap D: heehee , u could tell who wrote the JUJUS , can't you ? then we squeezed some icing and cream into our mouths and it was quite nice , especially the brown one which was a really surprising nice chocolate sauce . so we decided to go for taste rather than looks and lumped all the icing onto the cake .

LOL there's a lot of brown colour . because we like chocolate yay . then we went to the seats outside the mrt station and ate the cake . they didn't provide spoons so i bought a mcflurry and asked for an extra spoon . then she cut the cake ! (:

haha , can you believe it ? i actually ate half a cake at one shot . freaking full , i tell you . but LOL .  

kay then went home .

today ? nothing much .

i'm going to use any traditional methods and weird stuffs and various creams and lotions and face washes and whatever that i come across .

these are the methods i have tried apart from my daily cleansing , that didn't work , obviously :
[x] smearing honey on my face (youtube)
[x] applying mint toothpaste overnight on affected areas (youtube)
[x] two types of pimple cream
[x] blackheads away gel

actually they did work for a while , and some of my pimples and blackheads cleared , but overtime they lost their effectiveness UGH .

okay , so these are stuff i'm going to try . asked my mother to buy them :
- blackheads patch [ like a thing to paste on my skin and rip it off , hopefully together with the blackheads ]
- some herbal pimple cream

and stuff i intend to do if the above doesn't work :
> face masks
> other brands of pimple creams
> eat less junk food [ but hey , i cut down already ): ]
> last resort : seek medical help or go do a facial . i heard there's some sort of pill that's great for pimples . but they have really bad side effects so it was banned LOL .

yes i know i'm rather crazy but since i'm so bored this holiday , must well do something constructive [ not that this is considered constructive ] but oh wells . ahhhhhhhh i'm so excited for research studies project next year cos my group has thought of this wonderful research topic that's really awesome . but i'm not sure if it's going to be approved . but yay . yeah , i didn't audition for the odyssey of the mind or other stuffs . i'll try only in sec three (: man , but if there was fashion cluster , i would want to join ;D

haha , i'm like reading / trying to read THE MERCHANT OF VENICE . it's quite crazy . since i couldn't get hold of next year's lit text , ROMEO AND JULIET yet and since i love lit so much , i'd thought i try reading my brother's sec 2 text . it was quite crazy , the shakespeare english was quite overwhelming . i didn't really understand it at all . the explanations were also quite weird . hee , i'm also reading TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD , which very fortunately wasn't as bad , because it wasn't in old english (:

oh and i tried reading physics which i haven't learnt this year and it was ohmygosh , super MATH-SY . ugh damn it . i hate maths . i have a feeling i'm gonna hate physics too .

yay kay bye .
love ,
liyin (:

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