Tuesday, October 26, 2010


so hmmm ... life 's pretty good . had net carn today , which our class didn't win , but oh wells . haha , it was pretty nice anyway . school sold yami yoghurt and bubbletea (: yay .

oh yes and i created TUMBLR . click it to go to my tumblr . tumblr is super cool . it's really easy to post and stuff . so this blog will be for my daily life and stuffs while my tumblr is for random whatnots like thoughts , cool photos and stuff . yeah awesome ;D

house comm is really awesome . i love it . i love seeing my inbox spammed with stuff . and since i'm free now , it's really cool to read and get busy . haha (:

alright , i shall end here .
lazy to write anything . maybe shall tumblr (:

liyin ;D

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