Wednesday, October 20, 2010


no picture or quote today , cos "image uploads will be disabled for two hours due to maintenance" blablabla . ohkay . so today was quite goood (: got back lit , lang , speech and drama and chinese ;D

got 4.0 for lit (; yay so happy . lang for 3.6 ): 1 more mark to 4.0 ! stupid . chinese was horrible . speech and drama got 4.0 too yay . it's included in lit anyway .

then went for HOUSE COMM 2011 COMBINED CAMP . it was pure awesomeness . had briefing first , blablabla , tell us how we were the leaders and all , how house comm next year was officially a leadership board , together with prefectorial and peer support ;D and other stuffs .

met the other creative arts directors , which were all sec 3 , so it was intimidating , but they were all very nice , especially the i/c , nicolette ;D then together as a whole comm , we decided on the theme , and us , the art subcomm , had to work on the tee shirt design , the banner , the newsletter , the notice board , the souvenirs for sports fest and the cheerleaders' outfits . quite packed . the tee shirt design is by next week ! which is really crazy . then we were all drawing ducks and discussing of what to do . it was really nice . the house capts were awesome and it was really enjoyable . met a lot of seniors (: yay haha .

then there was other stuffs , and then dismissal at bout 6pm ? asked my dad to pick me up yay . had dinner and here i am using the computer . oh and of course i bathed haha . can't wait for day 2 of the camp which is tomorrow !

oh and i got back all my results already . pretty satisfied , i think (: tomorrow and the days to come are all DRAMA NITE preparations (: i really want my class to get into the finals . we can do it man ;D we are awesome yay . i want to act haha .

love ,

p/s : today 's date is nice 20/10/2010 ;D didn't make a wish at 2010 hours though ): sadly .

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