Friday, June 4, 2010

eww . my pinafore is puffy and long ! eww . what is this . i don't like this angle . 

just came back from CAMPFIRE for scouts/guides and CHIJ toapayoh ! FUNFUN ! (: 
i went to meet jamie and christina at amk hub first . walk walk walk . eat eat eat . walk walk walk . eat eat eat . 
we ate a SUPER EARLY dinner oat 4pm plus ? cos we were super sian walking around and decided to slack at mos burgers . bought only a burger and shared drink with christina cos we wanted to have dessert elsewhere (: 
so we walked around after eating to digest . then we went to basement and got snow ice ! (: 

i got a coffee ice with chocolate sauce and christina got strawberry ice with strawberry sauce . heh . jamie didn't get anything ><><>

saw our CLs at toa payoh . heh . then we went to CHIJ toapayoh by bus . it was super big larh . what is this ?! they also have their own track . and their school was nicer . but at least it's cos they have the pri sch connected , so not too bad . that means they share the facilities , while we have ours all to ourselves . we CAMWHORED man . click here to see the photos ! ;DD 

anyway , many schools came . RI was supposedly sitting next to us BUT they ponned . like , eh ? how could they ? they already put paper there labeling the seats for RI but they never come . irresponsible . then we were bombing each other before the campfire started . rgs was super un enthu . heh . then i remembered . catholic high ... hmmm ... hey wait ! jonathan's in scouts , right ? i scanned to see if jonathan was there . and OMG . he was . but was quite far away so i was like, 


then he looked up , saw me and said "walao" or something =.=|| heh . ignore me . what is this man ? heh . he was wearing his scouts uniform ;DD

then , had this cheer segment . whoa , we did UNITE . it was quite fail at the start , when we did those "whoa whoa" thingy , with the hand signs . but after that i was like , screaming my lungs out and going low . so i thought we were amazing . except that we didn't know the 2nd verse too well . heh . but still...  and then this guy from monfort was trying to gain attention . he keep on acting cool on stage and all that . dancing and everything ... irritating . but who cares ? 

then , campfire ended . wanted to go find jonathan but he disappeared ><>


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