Monday, December 7, 2009

hmmms , im not gonna do wat jeraldine or sheila did on their blogs ... like , u knoe ? list down their good friends and thank them , !!!

but since sheila-lala wrote about me on her blog
(click fr her blog!!)

i think , i'll reply to her(:
ripped off wat she typed(:

miss smile and laugh alot(:
gd friends since you stepped into HIPS
i rmb the day when me and vic walked up to you and talked(:
but we seperated in p4.
den a prefect exco you became, we got closed agn(:
you were surprised with ur results,
you deserve it(:
work hard in the sec school ur going!
surpass the rest of the smarties!
xoxo iloveyou(:

sheilaleeshilei , tat's so touchin  , ! imy alot alot !
tyvm. (:

now i'll do one fr. u(: 

SHEILAleeshilei , 
pretty pretty girl , ! 
tyvm to u and vicky , cos i might've been a lonely girl(:
wild & hyper , yes u were .
made me laugh with ur hyperness.
sometimes , u're emo , sometimes , happy.
i'll still love u all the same....
but , stay cheerful and work hard in sec sch , !!
u can do it , i knoe u can.
we've to meet up nxt time , 
i miss u alot (:

was bored , so decided to do smth fr. her(:

hahas , maybe a bit small ... but oh well(:
if u click it , the picture will be bigg :D

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