Wednesday, December 9, 2009

just now when to hougang point to take a walk.  (its called festival market , but its not really a market , its a mall) 

at first my mother ask me to go , didnt feel like going , cos my leg still very pain from all the skippin .... like , 1600+ already , since monday ... haiz...
but wanted to eat somethin after dinner (hahas , tat explains my size) , so i went lorh.

wah.... i walked out of hse a few steps , damn pain le . but i still walk lorh. cos im such a resilient girl :P LOLS. then the more i walked , the less pain ... (: yay!  hougang point is kinda far from my hse... its like , hv free shuttle bus derh. but i dun take ... cos exercise is gd for u (: ! u see? i walk the distance a bus travels ... pro mah ? ;) hahas ,

then after tat reach there , my leg is like , not pain liaos(: woots. walked around . i look see look see... nothin nice to buy... so i went to old chang kee there and bought fried sotong , !  i dunnoe why , but i love it. rmb-ed someone tellin me she loves it too... forgot who liaos ... haiz... i shld learn to stop crapping... 

then i eat .... went to fairprice xtra to shop around. wanted to buy chocolate  , but at home oso hv , so didnt buy . but regretted it leh , shld hv bought. ): cos i crave for a snickers bar now ... LOLS. 

hmmms , when i was walkin around , stomach pain , CRAP LARH. i always go out then will stomach pain derh.. tat time AMK hub oso , then must rush back. at least 3 times im caught in such situations =.= 
so rushed back home ... ): wanted to eat ice cream de leh... wth larh. when walking back home my stomach sooo pain... crossed traffic light tat time , CAR ACCIDENT siah. no larh , im not involved , i just witness lidat only . heart the loud crash ... then turn around and see lidat. luckily not those type a fatal accident . maybe only a small dent ... but still some drama.

but the only thing on my mind was "get back home quickly" !!! woah , it was terrible walking home... shld hv taken the shuttle bus... luckily when i went home , went toilet a while , then ok larh (: hahas , then ate my chocolate (later constipate :P) while watchin TV....

then my mother take pity on me , cos i've been cravin for mcflurry... but didnt get to eat it... so she let me eat our own ice cream lorh. not as nice as mcflurry , but well , better than nothin . raspberry ripple(: hahas , and i dun get to eat it so late at night often(: so well , ok-ok larh. 

but tat hougang point trip wasnt fruitful at all , !
[apart from tat sotong i ate & tat it cured my aching legs]

oh well , 

p.s. jasmine tyl , how come tomorrow cannot go out? oh well , u wat day free? cos honey and baby wanna watch the princess & the frog with darling , ! [if u knoe wat i mean]

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