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Sunday, December 6, 2009

its like , im goin to sec school nxt yr ? so fast(:
but still dunnoe wat sch leh . so looong derh. only 22nd dec then can knoe results ... haiz ... why lidat ? and its like very rush leh . school already reopening , then only give us like , 1 week to buy books , uniform and all tat ... 

so little time ... rushrush larh ... so now im already like , tryin to get ready... 
and then its like , i dunnoe whether if i shld appeal for rgs if i get into nanyang , cos i love both schools.... nanyang is like , alot of my friends going there , but rgs is my dream school leh D: 

hmmms , i think if i can get into either one then i think lo.... cos now still havent get in.... hahas , maybe both oso can't get in , then hv to go cedar .... hmmms , then if im posted to cedar , shld i appeal to rgs or nanyang ? walao whey . wth larh. 

haiz ... neverminds. when the time comes then settle ba . now gotta enjoy my holidays ... (:
hahas , hv been skippin today ... cos i wanna lose some weight :P 

(: with love ,

[currently lovin'  MAN IN THE MIRROR by michael jackson] 

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