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Friday, November 6, 2009

okayyes , i haven't been replyin to my many many taqqies for quite some time. so , im gonna like , make this post the "special taq reply post". oh gosh , im damn freakin lame sia. bear with me . thanks. lols , i'll start from the latest 

&i'll stop only when i feel like it(:

so, quick replies.

yulin>thanks for taqqin with ur many many g's (:
angie>thanks for taqqin too , though i've no idea hu u are. :D
azt>u've been taqqin many taqs(so lame sia ,) but honestly , i have no idea hu u are leh. sorriees. thanks anyways. 
shuhui&azt>im bored with my previous skin mah. fresh new look^^
jewelyn>yupps , link-ed alreadyys.thanks4taqqin.
brian>thanks4the taq.
yulin>hihi to u too:D
azt>gratz on ur class for gettin through.(:
jeraldine>hey.thanks for taqqin
leonardtan&joey>thanks. to ur class too! 

alrightys , im gonna end HERE(:

such an abrupt ending.
typical yapliyin. 

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