farewell partyy

Friday, November 6, 2009

yesterday , didnt feel like postinq rites?
so , today will post about yesterday lorhs... lols , so random.
okayyes , yesterday had brownies p6 farewell party. the usual larh , snacks and abit of games. but this year one not so nice leh. :X 

last time was in air-con room. now in 6r2 classroom.
last time the food nicer (cos is the brownies bring) , now not so nice (teachers bring).
last time the games were fun , now so boring.
last time the p6's were VIPs , now same level of attention.
last time the p6's received presents from teacher , now dun have.

soo unfair :( 

so u see , this yr one not so nice.
but neverminds lorh.
cos its our fate bah. haiz...

okayyes. done.
with some flourish , i'll sign my name. i mean , TYPE my name(:

(since this post about brownies , the font colour will naturally be BROWN d:)

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