emily's birthday!

Monday, November 9, 2009

today's emily's birthday!! gave her present larh. 
yesterday we went to tampines mall for movie to celebrate her birthday... took lots of pics , but my damn phone and com got some prob , maybe another time then i show u all.

met her at 9.30am , but supposed to be 9am! waited for her like , half and hour? when waitin , saw gary walkin in the direction of the hougang interchange.... he walk there , then walk back , but still never see me leh , like , its so near leh...lols, maybe he just wake up. then me and emily took a bus to tampines interchange , and walk to the mall. we were there like , about 10.15am lidat. played some dance dance game at the arcade , cos it was like , the only shop open? the cinema (GV) wasnt even open , it opens at 10.45am. then we play the dance dance thingy. quite a few ppl watched us ...lols , but later we regretted playin it  , cos we wasted our money.

then like , at 10.43 am lidat , the shutters of the cinema opened. hahas , before it even opened fully , like its still three-quarters closed, emily bend down and rush in [typical singaporean .... tsk tsk] but i followed suit. so we were the 1st ppl to buy out tickets tat fateful day [o811'09] hahas , bought michael jackson's this is it movie tickets for the 2.05pm show .... so we have about 3hrs plus to shop... lols , 

after buyin , we walk around and look-see , then decided to eat at some hong kong cafe.... the food was quite ex larh. but we pai seh , so didnt go out. hahas , should've eaten at the kopitiam.... lols. both of us bought the same thing , noodles and a cup of milk tea. but seriously , i think bubble tea tastes nicer than tat. neverminds lorh. at least next time knoe tat we should not drink tat.... hahas . tat was our lunch. early lunch.

then we walk walk walk around.... so sian larh. and she walk so fast....
i only remember some things... like , we bought the little "pill" earrings ,  its like medicine lidat... so cute... we wore today to school , some of u might have seen it(: quite nice larh... cannot rmb wat else we bought leh... oh ya , emily oso bought those u knoe? black and white band to wear on the hand? didnt buy cos i already have... 

hmms , then we walked to tampines 1 , which is quite near to tampines mall... emily keep on eatin sia , i didnt, cos i was broke. no larh , cos i didnt feel like eatin , was already stuffed. then i think when we went to Urban Write , saw our school girl... shld be p5 derh..lols , oh ya! and we saw this superrr cute doraemon t-shirt! its like , doraemon wearin the famous "bruce lee" outfit. u knoe? the one which is yellow and have black stripes. emily go and ask the price. $2o , didnt have enough money , so we didnt buy -_-

then we went to toys "R" us and saw this big spongebob and oso patrick the starfish! patrick looks cuter... like omg larh. then we take some photos with it... dunnoe can ornot... hahas , i oso took with barney(: lols. emily dun like barneys. but i find tat purple dinosaur very cute. 

then we walk walk walk and played more arcade , but not the dance already , we play the kiddy kiddy rides , like those u slot in $1 coin , then will play music and spin u round and round... hahas , emily said she recalls her childhood days....lols. but i totally agree. then we went to the cinema at 1.30pm. emily wanted to go in , but the person there said "hall 4? 1.55pm then can go in. " so we waited until 1.55pm lorh. i bought a big cup of coke from them. hahas , u bet , we were the 1st one to enter the hall. michael jackson's songs were playin when we went in , so we danced , since nobody around. like siao-zha-bo lidat...lols. then we went outside there to find the mj's movie poster so we can pose like him. but couldn't find): 

went in and wait. then advertisement... and then show started... very very nice!! im the latest michael jackson fan! last time i didnt like him , but now , he's like really the king of pop sia. after the show , asked emily to send me all her mj songs... about 20... hahas

then we headed home(:

wah-sey. this is a super long post. and it still doesnt include photos yet(: next time.

happy birthday emily!

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