Strong Sarah

Saturday, October 25, 2014

On the first day of school of a class of thirty, Sarah would not be the kind of person I would make friends with first. There were initial stark differences in the way we were as people. For one, on a superficial level, Sarah has good looks based on universal standards while my beauty... is subjective.

Somehow, I landed myself in the same OBS tent as her though - till this day, I don't know how because I didn't exactly "fit in" with that group, or at least at that point in time, I didn't realize my similarities with two out of three of my tent mates - the other being Shermaine. 

Perhaps we were like salt and pepper - vastly different tastes/ flavours but had the same goal: to spice one's food up. We had the same objectives and mindsets, in a way, and we bonded over our single digit Chemistry failing grade in our first Chemistry paper in Secondary Three, under the great tutelage of a really pretty and young teacher who couldn't exactly teach. Then again, maybe we can't blame her - we never really had the brains of a Science kid. 

Soon, we found ourselves struggling with similar obstacles - not the same by any means, just similar feelings perhaps. I can't read her like a book, and I don't think I understand her fully as a person but I do suppose I can tell sometimes when certain things aren't exactly right. 

She has a good sense of humour though, and she can do push ups. That's strong, that's really strong. She used to pull a bow to make music on a viola (which I can't pronounce, so I'll just call it 'violin) and now she's pulling a bow to shoot arrows in an archery range. Also, I just made that connection as I typed this and I am currently feeling a little too satisfied with myself.

Plus, she enjoys food and loves it when we go explore new places to eat together. (Actually I mostly just bring her to places I like because she lives under a rock, or maybe because I eat more) We went to Fat Boys at Upper Thomson yesterday after school and it was nice going back to our Friday afternoon routine of eating something other than school food to celebrate the end of the week. We were both craving a sinful greasy meaty burger, and haven't eaten one for months. Being healthier than I am, though this time it was relative, she got grilled chicken and guacamole while I got the Mahalo, which had a pork patty - it's a meat I don't particularly favour and usually abstained from but I surprised myself. Fun fact: pineapples go surprisingly well with burgers. It was a good meal, and we were satisfied. 

I had a post titled Happy Sarah not too long ago and this time I wanted to have another adjective to go with her name. "Strong" shall be it, because she is. 

On a sidenote, I'm really liking my 55-200mm Nikon zoom lens, for which I used to take the photos featured in this post. Funny how I've always owned it since I got my DSLR - my dad bought both at the same time about three years back but never got to using it till recently as I always thought it was more suitable for taking bird/ animal pictures. I now know that humans are animals too. 

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