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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Approximately exactly a year ago, I wrote a blog post on Ikea, and called it Happy Ikea, which can be read here. A year on, Ikea is still one of my favourite places to be in, and being there just makes me incredibly happy and light-hearted. Considering I've gotten myself very into furniture shopping and room decor and things like that more recently, I've been frequenting it a lot more than I used to. 

Ever since last year after our Year Four End of Year examinations, Sarah has always been asking me to bring her to Ikea because that girl is a deprived one who's never been into the land of cheap food and creative ideas and comfy showrooms. I never did, up till four days ago (30 September) when I decided it was time, and Sarah was extremely enthusiastic and excited about the thought of going there. Unfortunately for us (or maybe her), everything seemed to work against us during our journey there. The shuttle bus from Bedok MRT that usually takes only 15 minutes to arrive, had us waiting for it for more than an hour, which was really horrible. When we reached there, we dashed to get lunch and it was really good, as usual. 

Afterwards, we explored the showrooms, which were really empty, naturally considering it was a weekday and the crowd was mainly contained at the cafeteria. That meant plenty of photo opportunities, and as such I will let the photographs do the talking from here on. 


"Furry tube top", as I called it


Sarah the domestic goddess come hit her up

"Who said you could enter my room?"

Reflective surfaces were our friends that day, and there were many :-) 

Sarah attempts to wear window blinds as a hat

Welcome to my crib 

Sarah the serial murderer with Thenzy (original)

Welcome to her crib 

"Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest one of all?"
"Neither of you, both too tan"

Honestly I think Sarah can pull this apron off as a dress 

"There was a moose, 
He liked to drink a lot of juice"

"Li Yin please eat your veggies"

I really really like ugly toys - there's such an endearing characteristic to them

"Yikes, baby!!!!"

Hmm, very strange babies indeed, not sure of their genders

Sarah the auntie buying clothes hangers - eight for $1.80 - hit her up for great bargains

Smelling nothing because these are fake 

Sarah with her great buys - hit her up for bargains 

Sarah buying even more stuff when we all thought she was done shopping - it is never too late to hit her up for bargains 

And of course, who can forget ice cream at the end of an Ikea trip? Nobody! I thought this was really funny - usually on weekend we'll see children queueing up to make their own ice creams but here we have working adults queueing up after eating lunch - 50 cents per cone, no one can pass that up. 

Look at that swirl - so sexy ;-) 

Final call - hit Sarah up for fabulous shopping bargains!!!! 

Well, I had a lot of fun that day and although our bus ride back was slightly strange, it was out of the ordinary and that's kind of nice, depending on how you look at it. I had a lot of fun "writing" this blog post as well, please do pardon my lack of insight - sometimes, we don't need that, do we? 

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