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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hello there :-)

So it's been quite a while since I have written a post chronicling my day to day activities as I've been recently been bombarded with thoughts and events that needed emotional input and time consuming reflection on my part. This space has been a stepping stone for that, and thus it's been a bit negative, though I've realized that writing for myself (and not the public eye) is actually pretty refreshing and a whole new experience on its own. I am back though, feeling ever so thankful and blessed for all the love I've received in this sad period, and this will be a more light hearted post (don't worry though, I'm not forcing myself to be, I genuinely am feeling that way), though whatever that has been troubling me is still troubling me. 

All that aside, here's FATS DAY with CHRIS WONG that happened last Friday (17 October) :-) Possibly our sixth fats day, though we've lost count somewhere in the midst of stuffing ourselves with nice food! Actually maybe it's our fifth: Orchard Central for EWF, Holland Village for Daily Scoop, Lola's Cafe, The Coffee Daily and now Simply Bread & Mu Parlour. Yup it's our fifth, not counting all the other unofficial times we've gone out for food such as GRUB

We met at Botanic Gardens before heading to Simply Bread at Cluny Court, which is just across the road from the entrance of Botanics and the exit of the MRT. I've walked past Cluny Court countless of times, most of the time on my way to Island Creamery, looking at the cute little cupcakes sitting daintily on the shelves of bakery-boutiques but I've never really entered the building before and well, perhaps I should've done this earlier. Simply Bread has such a chic interior and its white and simple furniture truly makes for a very nice backdrop for photos. The natural lighting is amazing as well, and the place was so quiet - maybe because it was a school day (which we didn't have because it was Graduation Assembly for the Year 6s) but it's really a chill place to have a nice chat. 

Both of us got the ham and cheese sandwich ($9) and it was really quite good, though I had a bit of tomatoes left on my plate at the end of it. Considering I don't eat veggies at all, that is quite a marked improvement for someone like me and I think I was motivated to attempt to eat (most of) the veggies because the sandwich wouldn't have looked tempting otherwise. If you ask me "how different can a sandwich be?" and understandably so, as this one is a little on the pricey side, I must say that this is by far one of the chunkiest and most aesthetically pleasing one I've ever come across in my short 17 years, so yes, it's worth a try - and the ambiance is beautiful as well. 

Dear Chris read the time on her phone wrongly halfway through the meal and she thought that it was 11.59am rather than 10.59am (which it actually was), which supposedly left us with only one hour together as she had to rush off for an ISLE meeting in school at 1pm, making us rush all the way to the MRT because we had to explore another place for food. When she realized we actually had two hours left, we let the train that we would have missed anyway go, though attempting to run for it allowed us to burn off some calories for space, not that we needed it since we (or at least I) had two tummies - a separate one for dessert!

The next fancy place we headed to was Mu Parlour at Holland Village! Neither of us had gone there before and it's easy to miss, since it was nestled on the second floor of the many rows of shophouses and truth be told, no one really looks up. So you'll really have to be looking for it - there's no chance that one would be able to stumble upon this quaint little cafĂ©. We were the first customers there, and the only ones for quite some time, which was lovely because we got to take photos of the interior really shamelessly. 

It's gorgeous to say the least, and it's evident that much thought has been put into the designing of this place. To be honest, it reminded me a lot of the Facebook game "Restaurant City" where I used to take pains to choose every single chair and table to perfection and had all these strange tile shifts halfway to fit in every design theme I could possibly fit in in my limited amount of space. It's such a lovely place and as Chris puts it, for "people-watching". 

The next time you guys walk along Holland Village, beware because this wild Christina may just be spying, or "people-watching" on you ;-) 

Of course, all that interior-design perfection aside, what matters in a place that sells food would obviously have to be their food! Their desserts are a bit on the pricey side, with both Chris' chocolate tart (forground) and my raspberry chocolate mousse (background) costing $8 each ($8.80 with GST). If they were pleasant-tasting, I wouldn't have minded paying that price but they were really... meh. In fact, I think I actually disliked my dessert and I didn't exactly feel like finishing it because it was a bit too tart for my liking and it was then did I realize I actually didn't like raspberries that much. Chris thought her chocolate tart was okay though.  

A group of schoolgirls came in later on and ordered some savoury food and their roasted chicken wings smelt divine. I might have gotten them if we weren't already stuffed by then - might come back for them if I was in the area, though I'm not sure if I'd be willing to pay a premium for chicken.

And the star of the show - green tea cookie!!! No - they actually don't sell these, these are from Chris' own bakery ;-) 

All in all, it was quite a lovely day (or rather morning) spent with Chris and it was much needed since we rarely get to catch up at all in school nowadays. Thank you for always being there and for understanding me, I truly appreciate you WONG WONG :-) 

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