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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hello there :-)

The end of the promotional examinations signified the start of arts and craft activities for me, which makes me incredibly happy because doing DIYs transport me back to the times where I could embark on craft projects so care-freely and when school lessons consisted of "Arts" lessons, which I personally believe I excelled in; to be honest, I used to think I was really talented at art until I came to secondary school and thereafter stopped doing art competitively. 

Now, art to me is more therapeutic than anything - and while I do less of the drawing and more of the craft aspect, it's so much simpler and more relaxing this way. The entire process in doing these projects makes me very happy, from buying materials (sourcing for cheap ones!) to getting down to making it and anticipating the outcome, it truly is a wonderful feeling. 

Unlike my previous two DIYs, which were slightly more complex, this pennant banner is extremely simple and in my opinion needs no explanation or instructions at all; in fact it's very common and it can be found almost everywhere - in retail stores, online, in designs, in parties, everywhere really (though my mum thinks I'm going through the blue car syndrome). Posting this up is really more of a "hi-there-if-you-are-reading-this-and-are-bored-and-free-you-can-try-doing-this" kind of thing, and I encourage anyone who would like to jazz up their room in a cheap (everything cost me less than $8, a lot cheaper than pre-made ones currently sold at Typo) and simple (yet fun!) way to do this simple DIY that only requires two materials you might not have already. 

What You Need: 
1. Twine
2. Scrapbook Paper 
3. Scissors 
4. Ruler

Note of advice: Get your scrapbook paper from Popular rather than shops like Paper Market or Spotlight - it's a lot cheaper at Popular and contrary to popular belief (HAHA get it), the designs available at Popular are really nice too, and in fact are possibly nicer than some at high end scrapbooking stores. The brands of the paper are the same for some too. 

Although no one really needs any instructions, here's how to make it, just for the fun of it!

1. Cut your scrapbook paper into equal sized triangle pieces - to do this, I didn't use a template or anything, I just measured 10cm intervals on top and marked them out before marking 5cm intervals at the bottom and connecting the three dots together before cutting it out. To be honest, your cutting doesn't need to be extremely neat because once it's hung up, everything's less obvious 

2. Use a pencil to poke holes - refrain from using hole punchers because the holes might be too large for your liking - and I didn't measure for this, I just eyeballed it and all the holes are different for each triangle piece but it turned out looking okay. 

3. Thread through the holes with your twine and that's it!

Hang it up wherever you prefer - it was around 11.30pm when I was making this and I ended up climbing a ladder in the middle of the night and I felt like I was going to fall down anytime because I was really tired by then but thank goodness I didn't, and in fact I was really pleased with how the pennant banner looked - it added a bit of a party feel to my room, but not being too over-the-top or gaudy. 

Can't deny how pretty it looks, I think the scrapbook paper design is really what sets it apart from others so choose wisely my friends :-)

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