September Hiatus

Sunday, September 1, 2013

It is the first of September :-)
End of Year exams start tomorrow. 
The last ever exams I'll be taking in RGS. 

20 more days to freedom, 
1 more proper day of lessons to go, 
IHG Closing Ceremony on Tuesday,
It'll be an emotional roller coaster, definitely. 

This month will definitely be incredibly crucial to me, 
So many goodbyes, 
So much weightage. 
Regret, sadness, disappointment, 
But above all, I know I'll be feeling a sense of
Support, togetherness, rootedness, and 

I will miss this school, 
Can't believe it'd all be ending soon. 

This is in no way an attempt in poetry because it is not. It is just formatted this way because it is pretty. I honestly cannot believe that my final day of lessons in RGS ever will be this Tuesday - after four years, it's such a surreal thought and I will definitely miss this classroom environment. 

In light of the upcoming EYAs as well, I will probably be blogging less even though I have a feeling I won't be able to take a complete hiatus from this space only because I will be feeling incredibly emotional during this period of time and I'll most definitely feel the need to write down how I feel. 

That being said, I feel much less pressured to update this blog :-) 

Goodbye for now, I'll be back more active than ever 20 days from now. Hopefully, much happier and more relieved as well. 

(This very coincidentally happens to be my 444th post on this blog - I somehow googled the significance of the number and it has quite a beautiful meaning - hopefully this post finds you well as well) 

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