Last Day Of Lessons

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I have survived. 

I have survived 4 years of lessons here at RG and I'm incredibly grateful for the amazing four years that I have spent in this school. It's not the end yet - there's still exams, Options and other activities but I won't be attending a proper lesson anymore and it feels so surreal. 

My last day of lessons started out with the Inter House Games Closing Ceremony during morning assembly. This ceremony would officially mark the end of my term as Waddle House Captain and to be honest, when I was hosting the ceremony itself, I didn't feel anything at all. No emotions, nothing. I did have a smile plastered on my face though. I didn't feel anything when they announced that Waddle was Best Participating House, I didn't feel anything when they announced the Champion House (congrats Buckle and Richardson!) and I didn't feel anything when we were cheering the combined House Cheer for the last time this year. 

I love love love my Waddle cheerleaders :') Coolest of the lot - cheerleading champs! 

Cheerleaders! :-) (with Channel 5 looking on in poster form in the background HAHA) 

Speech time to Waddle :') 

Best Participating House! :') 

Like I said earlier, I didn't feel anything during the closing ceremony itself. It somehow didn't feel like the last time I was going to address the school as Waddle Captain and it felt rather... strange, for the lack of a better word. However, when I headed to the KS Chee theatre for PE (we were doing ACES Day workout!), I just started crying like mad while doing all the crazy movements. It finally hit me then. I had to finally let go of Waddle. At that point, Hui Ying walked into the KS Chee to take her bag and I just dashed to her and hugged her in tears - I was so proud of her and all that she has done for Buckle. Indeed, I'm proud of everyone in Channel 5 as well but Hui Ying really deserves a huge round of applause because undoubtedly her House has grown the most, in my opinion. 

Indeed, it is real. My term as Waddle Captain has finally, has officially come to an end and I couldn't ask for a better experience, really. When I was in Year One, I admit that I did look up to my House Captains, Hi-5, a lot and a little voice within me definitely said "I want to be like them. I want to be the Waddle House Captain in future". However, that voice was subdued by fear, by the lack of confidence and by the sheer thought that I would never ever become someone like them - so outgoing, so influential, so inspiring. I can't say that I have finally reached their standard nor can I describe myself to be like them, but I know that I have fulfilled my far-fetched dream in my four years here and I don't regret anything at all. 

When I first started my term, I was under a lot of pressure from 2012's results and I wanted Waddle to win everything - I wanted to win Best Organized House, I wanted to win Best Participative House, I wanted to win Champion House. I was competitive, and I tried so hard to get it, so much so that I became a bit unpleasant to work with - everything I did was just so Waddle could win and it wasn't the right mindset at all. My moment of epiphany came late though, in fact I can safely say that I realized that what I was aiming for was all wrong only when IHG Season 2 ended. I'm not sure if anyone else can empathize with how I feel and perhaps no one will, unless they have been in my position and felt the emotions I felt but I'd just like to let future Captains know that it is alright not to win, as long as your House members have fun :-) I know it seems so clich√© 

Speaking of House members, I think my amazing House journey was truly made possible by the support of every single Waddlian and I really can't thank them enough. Whenever I go down for any IHGs, it surprises me when another Waddlian is there - someone not from Waddle House Comm - because I mean, why in the world would they sacrifice their time to play say, a lame game of UNO? It doesn't benefit them directly in any way. However, every single time, I can tell that they have had fun at the IHG and that's really what matters most. It's crazy that we won the Best Participating House Award because to me, participation is the most important - it doesn't really matter if we don't have the abilities to do well, participation truly means that Waddlians have the tenacity to try and we are not afraid of losing so thank you Waddle :') 

Of course, the ones that have accompanied me and helped me the most through this journey would most definitely be The Duck Side - Waddle House Comm! :-) I do know that my leadership style is very impersonal and I seem very task oriented most of the time but thank you so much for bearing with me and working so hard for this House. I apologize for the times I have lead you guys in the wrong direction and I'm sorry for not getting to know every single one of you on a more personal level. I really do still love you guys - this is our win and we finally did it guys! :') 

Alright, now back to my last day of lessons! With lessons, we have recess - this was going to be the last proper recess we have that is in between lessons and I spent it with the most incredible people (minus Swan, who was mugging French at home) Plus, it was Fried Food Tuesday :-) 

Sherm with her tantalizing Tuesday hotdog :-)

Phionna ate potato wedges and some other fried stuff!

Wang You and her fish!

Sarah and her popcorn chicken :-) (she finished it though HAHA pretty fast for Sarah standards)

Curry fish noodles :-) 

And we took a photo with the lovely House banner! (It was put up because it was IHG Closing Ceremony) 

Then we had lessons and we ended the day with a class party during CLE :') Mr Faizal bought pizza for us and everything started off really upbeat and happy!

P I Z Z A and P H I O N N A 

Shermz - and I'm being tormented by Emma (x

Bellies ft. the best class chair ever, Joey! :') 

Check out Mr Faizal in the background! 

Love love love love love 

We miss you, Swan! :') 

Green index finger because Buckle (HAHA no because pen leak) 

Fathin finally agreed to take a deskie photo :') 

Thank you Fathin and Phionna for being the best deskies I could ever ask for :') Please guys take your awards seriously I spent time and effort making them ok (like 5 seconds of my life). I think our row is always super noisy and then we like to shush people when others are noisy (indeed, bitches to the max) but it is fine because the three of us do it together. I love y'all! 

Then Priya started reading out the quotable quotes that she took down from the things teachers say in our class :') It was hilarious! 

After that though, Mr Faizal said that he would sing to us and we all became incredibly excited because he used to be a singer in a band of his and I mean, when do you get to hear your form teacher sing? He chose "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz because he found that the meaning of the song was quite applicable to us and boy, Mr Faizal can actually sing! :') 

The entire class started singing along and our class chairperson, Joey, started getting emotional and she teared up really badly. We started singing songs like "At the Beginning" which really struck a chord in me because that was the song we sang during OBS when we first started our journey together and I started tearing up like crazy as well, together with Wang You and Phionna. In no time, the entire class was filled with brawls and red-eyed, tear-streaked faces. It's truly amazing how much we've grown from the strangers we were at OBS, forced into a jungle with nothing but each other. 

Thank you 406, even though we are quite a dramatic class, with legit quarrels and fights and obvious cliques, we've really grown this year and got together. You guys have definitely formed a huge part of my RGS life and I love all of you very much. 

I personally think that the improvement we've seen in class spirit is due to the amazing teachers we've had the honour to have this year, especially our form teacher, Mr Faizal. Even though he is new and just joined the school this year, I can safely say that he is the best form teacher I've ever had. Thank you Mr Faizal! :') 

To end off, 

We were strangers, 
On a crazy adventure. 
Never dreaming, 
How our dreams would come true. 
Now here we stand, 
Unafraid of our future.
At the beginning, 
With you. 

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