Year 4 Options

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hello friends :-)

Options have officially started for the Year 4s this week and it has been quite an enriching, fun and most of all, rather relaxing experience so far. What exactly are options? It's this period of time after our final examinations where we get to go for various modules that aren't that academic related and before that, we had to bid for the Options we wanted to attend. 

Basically, we have the opportunity to go for 4 modules each, and they are a mix of humanities and the sciences. For advanced science, I'm taking Physics of Photography; for advanced humanities, Historical Significance of Horror Films; for enriched Humanities, a Literature course on Practical Criticism and finally for Math, Probablity. Apart from enriched Humanities (where I chose baking instead), I actually was allocated my choices so it's been quite an enjoyable two days. I'm particularly excited to learn how to use my camera properly and take nicer photos. 

During Options, we'll still have core blocks where we do Higher Mother Tongue and Physical Education but that's pretty alright as it's already a great difference from normal school days and we get to enjoy a whole load of free blocks. For the Boings, we have many free blocks together so we came up with this schedule of what we'd do with the time - Tuesdays will be our Recreational Days where we'd play board games or watch a movie, Wednesdays are Work Out Days (where we'll head to the school gym - we've already done that once and it felt amazing), I can't really remember what we'll be doing for Thursdays and on Fridays we'll go for food adventures at lesser known places in Singapore :-) I'm really excited, especially because we're keeping ourselves occupied like that! It's so rare that we have so much time to spend together and with ourselves as well. 

Alright enough of the tiny details - so basically on Monday and Tuesday (today), core blocks hasn't started yet so we had breakfast in the morning together! :-) First time having breakfast at KFC on Monday!

Porridge :-) 

It was quite hilarious because we had this sudden realization that they might have used the previous day's leftover chicken for the chicken they used in their porridge yup and we started laughing. Okay yes but it is quite a legit concern though. 

Sherm & Phion! :-) 

Would you look at THAT :')

Hurhur blueberry pancakes with hashbrown and egg - it was surprisingly good, especially since it was the cheapest ($3++) 

Great company :') Missing Sarah and Swan though :-( 

On Tuesday, Sarah, Wang You and myself headed to Starbucks for breakfast - again, it's my first time having bucks for breakfast so it's quite weird having that as the first meal of the day. Okay no to be honest there's no difference at all whether you eat stuff at the start, middle or end of the day. 

Chicken quiche - they lied to me and said it was duck :-(

Lemon & blueberry scone! 

The salted caramel frappe I waited a whole entire year to make its return to Starbucks(and I had to wait through the EYAs before I finally got it today!) - salted caramel is seriously my favourite flavour for anything. 


SARAH :-) but eek she's blurry - wang you is a great photographer. 


Yes we have been eating quite a bit sigh but it's great being able to chill out together in the morning - it makes one's morning so much better since they are usually such a drag. Plus it makes us actually sit down to have a proper breakfast - which is a good thing I think. Life has been so much slower recently, and it's been at a pace that's so comfortable for me, I wish life like this wouldn't end. 

Unfortunately, it will eventually and we'll all have to revert back to our usual, hectic life. It's crazy because even though we try so hard, we all rarely have the opportunity to make time for ourselves in the midst of our busy schedules. It's easier when we're still schooling because in a way, stakes are not as high but I can't imagine when we get older and make a living for ourselves - we won't even get school holidays and we'll get less guidance for anything that we do so that's scary. 

But then again, I guess that's what school is for - to prepare us for what lies ahead of us. In the meantime, I shall just try my best to appreciate what I've got and treasure the things I've been given. 

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