Sunday, April 14, 2013

The past week has been a pretty terrible (yet fulfilling week).
Broke down a few times (record this week: three times in a day!) and got really annoyed by the littlest of things.

Things are looking up though, I have such amazing amazing friends (': They are always there for me, and I honestly I'm the luckiest girl in the entire world. But I know that everyone's been going through a terrible time during this period. To be honest, I'm really weighed down by all the problems my friends are going through as well, so I'd just like to say that all these will soon pass, as long as we look up and smile!

Thank you Christina for surprising me with this amazing happy kit - it made my day so much better and things really started looking up from Wednesday onwards!
Plus, Sarah and Phil Kay(e) came to my school on Wednesday (Yes I know right) and can I just say that they are bloody amazing and are even better live! Both of them look gorgeous as well. Got them to sign on my planner (': (': How I wish I could write / perform like them - their autographs on the back of my planner will remind me daily to stay creative and never ever give up writing though! 

On Friday, I went to catch a movie under the stars as part of English & Literature week with Phionna, Minglu and Swan! We ended up lying on the track to star gaze instead and it was a truly reflective and energizing night indeed. 
Life is getting really insane, with me having to deal with two Literature AAs and one History PT concurrently. 
Not to mention House (Waddle) work, PB work & Annual Assembly work. Oh, and did I mention academics? 

But everyone's going through a very difficult period right now so... remember to: 


 I'm pretty sure I did do that this weekend! :'D  

I managed to: 

1. Finally go running for the first time in 80 years (and I went on both Saturday & Sunday)
2. Bake! (Peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting)
3. Organize my House and all the OTs and can I just say that I love Waddle House Comm (': 
4. Finish Lit AA 

Things to conquer this week:

1. Math Comprehension (Vectors)
2. Finish History PT 
3. Start on the other Lit AA
4. Continue with running 

(Don't know why I made lists - but ah well it looks much neater like that!)


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