Saturday, April 6, 2013

I am getting so incredibly busy.
Yet at the same time I am really getting used to all these and I am actually very happy when I plan out my schedule and plans for the day and get so happy when I actually accomplish things. And I'm really happy that House stuff keeps me busy because I really really like House - and I know I keep saying this but HONESTLY it really keeps me going. So much.

This past week has been absolutely amazing (': Apart from History, Literature and Chinese TAs on Thursday, everything else felt wonderful! 

On Tuesday, it was Christina's birthday hehe BUT I did not wish her on her actual day in person (I think she was pretty upset with me). I was experiencing a lot of problems with the video I was making for her because I initially took a video with my DSLR - like I used plasticine and candles and all that sort of stuff (Chris if you'd like to see an unedited version I can show you someday!) - but when I exported it into my computer, I realized that the format was only compatible with QuickTime player and I did not own a mac so I got super irritated that I was not able to edit it with my dear old Windows Movie Maker. But luckily I managed to finish a photo montage thing with really strange captions on her birthday itself :-) HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY! 

Yay lub ya (-: 

On Wednesday, we had April House Day organized by the fab Buckle OT. It's probably one of the best House Days we've had here in RGS, with the very unique idea of coming up with the theme of Childhood. Well done Buckle! You guys have probably done Hui Ying very very proud and I'm pretty sure the school population enjoyed it very much. They sold iced gem biscuits to relieve our childhood memories - a very smart and yummy move hehe. 
On Thursday, we had TAs and then Lawson and the Hot91.3FM crew came to our school! One of our schoolmates submitted a photo collage into an online contest and we garnered the most number of likes on the photo, which led to a UK band coming to our school - how cool is that? I know, RGS just shot up on the coolness factor bar! I really wished I was a fan/ that I actually like their music because at least I would have really enjoyed the experience more. Nevertheless, I went to the hall immediately after TAs to join the excitement. 

Personally, one of the highlights of that day was the fact that BoyThunder came to our school. For those who don't know who he is, he's a local radio deejay and he used to host the Hot 30 Countdown every weekday night (I'm not too sure if he still does it, I stopped listening to 91.3FM when I stopped listening to mainstream music hurhur) When I was in primary school, I used to listen to him every single night before I went to sleep and even as I was dozing off! At that time, he wasn't very popular yet and didn't have many photos online nor did he reveal his real name so I didn't know how he looked like at all - but I absolutely loved his voice.

Seeing him in person from the back of the hall was great (even though everyone else was screaming for Lawson - don't get me wrong, I have nothing against them but I just couldn't relate to everyone else) but we had Guides afterwards so I had to leave early to change into my Guides uniform. When we had Patrol Corner during Guides in the canteen though, I was buying food when Christina pointed out that a few of the Hot91.3 deejays were sitting there and BoyThunder was there! So I ran to grab my phone, shamelessly approached them when they were eating and ta-da! 

I don't listen to him/ them anymore but the 10 year old Li Yin inside of me would have been very pleased. 
Thanks Chris for taking the photo too hehe (-: 

Yesterday (Saturday), I headed to the National Library to study with Phionna and Sarah hehe it was pretty productive and fun - I absolutely love days like this! 

Term 2 has indeed been quite amazing and I really hope it'll continue this way - it's crazy busy yet satisfying all the same :'D

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