Saturday, February 23, 2013

I am so incredibly blessed. 

Sometimes, I honestly wonder why I have such amazing people in my life. What did I ever do to deserve all of them? I have never arrived at an answer and will probably never will, but I'd just like to say how thankful and blessed I feel because of all of them. This feeling does not come simply on my birthday, but every single day. It's just that on my birthday, the emotion got even stronger so thank you so much everyone (': 

So, I turned sixteen two days ago (21 February) and it is probably the most amazing day of this year so far. Before I touch on that though, 20 February was a really special day as well - Sarah and I went out after school to celebrate my birthday (although she didn't want to admit it and kept saying that my birthday was on 21 March). We headed to Somerset and Orchard Central (which Sarah has never been to before - oh my what a deprived kid right? But I'm glad I helped her expand her horizons! Orchard Central is one my favourite places ever)

We went to EwF! :) Got my favourite Skinny wings and Original fries - they both contain so much sodium chloride (salt!!!) and one would get really sick if they consume too much of it. Still, I find them quite good. 

Ooo look at that crispy goodness (-: 


Sarah and a wing (': 

So yes, we hobo-ed at EwF for a pretty long time because everything was so salty and it took quite long to finish it (we didn't finish the fries in the end anyway). But it felt great to catch up with Sarah properly outside lesson time - she's an amazing friend of mine, always supporting me in quiet ways. 

Afterwards, I gave Sarah a tour of Orchard Central and I think she likes the place very much (': Honestly, it's such a quirky yet calm place - no other shopping mall in Singapore gives me such a peaceful and tranquil mood whenever I step into it. 

Doing what girls do best with a camera in hand! (; 

After walking around and exploring the shops, we headed to Coldstone Creamery for ice cream (both of us really wanted something cold and sweet) 

Pretty pretty sarah (': 


Birthday cake remix - birthday cake ice cream mixed in with rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sauce, and a brownie - and it was pretty good :D 

Thank you Sarah for spending Birthday-eve with me, it was a really fun day and I'm so glad we went out even though the next day was still a school day. 

Moving on to the next day - my actual birthday! :) It was a Thursday, so we still had school. It's a CES school day though, meaning we start school an hour later than usual, to allow that block to be used to consult teachers if we have any questions about anything at all. Before Thursday, Jiaying texted me, telling me that the SLTs wanted to meet me in the canteen on Thursday at 7.20am. Although I kind of knew that JELLO will probably do something for my birthday, I didn't want to expect anything, so I headed to the canteen with an open mind.

There, I saw Jiaying with her laptop, acting really professionally - she was a really good actress, I must say! After a bit of awkward waiting, Karyn and Jing En came with a cake, a helium balloon, a card and a hat! :D 

Thank you so much JELLO, I really enjoy the surprise and the cake and everything (': 

That was a pretty good start to the day, until Minglu and Mel came out as well! :') Hui Ying was unwell that day, and Van had CES but Minglu and Mel took the time to go to the cafe to get me a chocolate muffin with whipped cream (the whipped cream was melting and it look really disgusting - sorry guys) but I appreciate the thought!

Afterwards, when I headed back to class, I received birthday hugs and wishes (': Then, one of my friends told me that there were Year Ones outside our class and it was actually 105 outside, meaning to surprise me on my birthday! It was definitely a pleasant surprise, thanks so much for taking the time to write cards and even coming right up to my class. 

Then, I headed to do my class I/C duty and when I came back to class, Minglu, Mel, Van, Phionna, Wang You and Ragini were outside my class - it was super funny because they started wishing Mel "Happy Birthday" when her birthday is clearly over, before breaking out into a birthday song for me - thank you so much guys :'D 

We had lessons, and then hall assembly for the upper sec. It was a really special hall assembly that day, with two guys, Don Richmond and Alvin performing some songs with their guitars - I think the purpose of the performance was to allow us to appreciate the arts more. Personally, I watch Don Richmond's videos online on ClicknetworkTV and I found him to be really familiar at the start - when Alvin talked about Don's series "Now You Know", I realized that the person I was watching on Youtube was right before my eyes, so that was pretty exciting. I thought that their singing and guitar-playing skills were pretty good as well, so it was a really nice to have them perform during hall assembly, compared to boring talks we usually have. 

However, everything got really crazy when they had a Q&A session and my classmate, Michelle, decided to ask them to "Sing Li Yin a Birthday Song" - I was really shocked and everyone sitting in front of me decided to move aside so the two guys were able to see me. So yes, I was "serenaded" by a guy I watched online in front of all the Year Threes and Fours as well as the teachers and principals on my sixteenth birthday in the School Hall. Don Richmond sung the birthday song really well and I felt really touched and surprised, though at the same time a little shaken from the experience and the speed at which everything happened. Thank you Michelle for making it possible! :D 

After that, we had recess and for the first time ever, my class (406) had a class party to celebrate the birthdays of those born in January and February - it felt extra special since it was my actual birthday and I felt truly blessed. 
The January and February babies - Happy (belated) birthday to Fathin and Bab as well! (': 

The February cake! :D 

After recess, lessons carried on as per usual. When the last bell rang however, I was greeted by another surprise - the other Waddle class, 110 was waiting outside my class and they gave me handwritten notes - the fact that these Waddlians put in so much effort to make my birthday so special makes me feel very fortunate and grateful. I was unable to take a photograph with them though :( 

And off I went for Girl Guides that day, feeling like the happiest sixteen-year-old in the world! (-:

It was a wonderful birthday, thanks everyone for making me feel so blessed. Be it singing me a birthday song, wishing me on Facebook/ Twitter/ Whatsapp/ Text/ Face-to-face, making me a card, writing me a note, getting me a present, you guys have showered me with more love than I would ever imagine. I don't know what I've done to deserve all these, but I'm so glad I have friends like you all!

I know that posting photos of what I've received might be a little shallow but I'd really like to thank everyone for all the effort they have put in for my special day - I know I keep saying this but honestly, I'm so incredibly touched I can't even put it into words. 

From Belly boing! (Wang You, Priya, Swan and Phionna) :D 
Thanks so much for the candy, duck pouch, necklace and amazing cards! You guys are the best recess buddies and friends I can ever ask for, y'all are always so amazing, always being there for me, and constantly tolerating my nonsense every time. Thanks so much for always being there and supporting me through so much, and laughing at my lame jokes/ me. Always know that even though I always rush y'all up to class, I love you guys a lot! 

From 105, 110 and other Year Ones! :D 
Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to write all the letters and cards for me, I really appreciate it - the assertion that you guys give me, telling me that I'm doing a good job as your Captain really motivates me to do better and I would just like to thank you for all your enthusiasm in the House events we have planned so far :) I have read every single individual letter (yes every single one in the jar as well) and I really wish I could thank all of you individually because all of you are so sincere (': 

From JELLO! (Jing En, Karyn, Jiaying) :D 
Thanks so much for the birthday surprise, helium balloon, card, hat and cake! :) You guys are the most amazing Vice Captains I can ever ask for, thanks so much for sacrificing so much of  your time, your sleep and your energy for Waddle and for helping me with so many things! I might not be the best Captain, but Waddle sure is blessed to have you three as their Vice Captains because you guys balance your abilities to do work and have fun so well! You guys' have amazing potential and I'm so blessed to have you guys, love y'all! 

From WONG WONG! (Christina) :D 
Thanks so much for Li Yin's Box of Magic! When I tore off the wrapper, I was really surprised at the amount of effort you spent on my birthday present (': Honestly, you took everything I liked and represented it on the box, from George Watsky to Michael Jackson to Waddle, even though by doing that you probably went against your own principles (HAHA). You filled the box with so many lovely and practical things - thanks so much! I love you bb, thanks for being my really good friend since Year One, constantly supporting me through the things I do, encouraging me whenever things get tough and best yet, being crazy with me (like climbing walls in shopping centres)! 

From Lum and Bab! :D 
Thanks so much Qian Wei and Bei Jun for the chocolates and the duck pen that actually quacks (': I never would have expected that the two of you would get me a present since we aren't the closest friends ever but I'm so touched that you guys actually thought of me! Thanks so much for being the sunshines in my life - the two of you are so super cute (yes I said it, Lum) and using the duck pen will definitely remind me of the two of you and why people should smile (because it makes people's days!) I love the two of you! :D 

From Nicole & Shermaine! :D 
Thanks so much for the box filled with super random yet thoughtful stuff - pens, caramel corn, socks and a plastic flower garland (HAHA) I think the items showcase a lot of my personality but thanks so much guys, I really appreciate it! You guys are so amazing, thanks for being my good friends since last year - although we may not be the closest, we are still comfortable with heart to heart talks with each other and thanks so much for always being there and supporting me thorough many things! I love you both! 

From Sarah! :D 
Thanks so much for the big head fluffy duck (to add to my huge collection of duck toys hehe), the photoframe, the card and the outing the previous day! :) You're an amazing friend, and I'm so incredibly fortunate to have you in my life. You constantly support me through everything I do, and you're always there for me! Thank you for the heart to heart talks we have, and always know that I'll be here for you no matter what! I love you! :) 

From Channel 5! (Vanessa, Hui Ying, Minglu, Mel) :D
Thanks so much for the huge board decorated with my own face, Daisy Duck (Van), photoframe with a hand painted picture (Mel) and cards! :) You guys have been the most wonderful captains I can ever ask for,  honestly I think you guys are such amazing buddies on stage (we have a bit of chemistry hehe yay) and off stage (all the work stuff), we've been through so much together and I'm so glad we're all in this together! :) I love you guys! 

Thank you everyone (': 

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