Monday, February 18, 2013

Hello everyone, since my last post, I just wanted to say that life has been relatively fine :)

I don't have time for a long detailed post but Chinese New Year was great, 
filled with food, goodies, pretty people and kaching.

House Practice was amazing once again, 
was pretty lethargic and got a little angry at one point in time but the joy made up for it. 

one of the activities Waddle did during House Pract!

Valentines' Day was filled with love from friends, 
it was an incredible day, I felt so truly blessed, as I am every other day. 

with Michelle and Priya on Valentines'!

Girl Guides World Thinking Day at Gardens by the Bay, 
a really interesting and different experience, not all the most pleasant, but enjoyable nevertheless. 

with 2nd coy year fours with our PNA Gold award (':

I don't really know why I recapped my week in such a weird format, but that's briefly the significant things that happened the past week. Recently, although I have been incredibly busy, I've also been finding time to watch videos of amazing choreography done by amazing dancers and this is my all time favourite - it's such a beautiful piece.

This is such a strange, short and disorganized blog post but hey, it's Monday - what can I say? (: Have a wonderful week ahead everyone, life will be good if you deem it that way!

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