Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Life has been an absolute roller coaster ride recently, one of the peaks of the ride being the recently concluded Year One Orientation Programme that I'm so honoured to be a part of, no matter how tiring it was and how much I was complaining about it.

For those who don't know, our Orientatiton Programme this year was split into two parts (three days in Week 0 and two days in Week 1 of school) - the climax of it was really the two days of Week 1 - Thursday and Friday where it was an overnight camp. I was absolutely drained at the end of it but I've truly grown as a person within these short days and have entirely (kinda) gotten rid of my stage fright. 

On Thursday, the high point was really House Practice 1 - it was amazing and I'm so fortunate to have gotten wonderful Waddle classes. I was rather apprehensive for the year because due to the rotations, Waddle is only allocated to two classes, one class less than the usual and I was so afraid that if the classes were not enthusiastic, House Practs wouldn't be able to achieve their intended effect but 105 and 110, you guys completely exceeded my expectations and I'm so glad that you guys are in Waddle (': 

(Thank you Angelia for these photos! The colours are amazing) 

During Intra-House Time :D 

They were so participative during Intra House Time and I would also love to thank Waddle House Comm for being the best comm anyone can ever ask for - keep it up guys and let's continue this lovely spirit for every other House Practs :)

I really like this photo - Sarah, Codee, Justine and myself! :) 

Channel 5! :)

As usual, we ended House Pract with a combined House cheer off! I love being a part of Channel 5 and I'm really really happy that the Year Ones embraced us and House with so much more love than we thought they would. 

House Commers present for House Pract (Year 3s were at OBS D:) + Heng Hwee hehe! :) 

Afterwards, we had School Tour, Dinner Time, House Games and Bathe time concurrently, facilitated by their SPSLs and House Comm members - it was rather chaotic and I felt incredibly worn out after all of that but the night was still young and we still had many activities planned for the night - Night Surprise! :D Night Surprise was a time where leadboards come together to put up a performance for the Year Ones as an evening treat. 

I was involved in Night Surprise as the emcee (being in SIMU) and I also had to perform in two other performances - House and PB. It's not appropriate for me to elaborate on our performances but at the end of the event, I was completely shagged because of all the running around and getting into different characters for the entire night - I was probably the only one who was involved in so many things at one go and it was quite an experience in itself. During PB's performance, my eyes saw white and I almost fainted but I kept going because I knew that if I were to faint, I would be ruining the entire night for everyone. 

After that, once we ensured that the Year Ones were safely sleeping in their classes, we then proceeded to showering and finally when we got to sleep, I just felt so relieved that the entire day went as planned. The night was nasty though, as it was so cold in 104's classroom and I was freezing and I had a terribly naughty nose that was so runny it wasn't even funny. I'm so glad Cheryl and myself managed to wake up the next day though. It was a weird feeling waking up in school and then having to attend assembly and following that, lessons because normally the Orientation Camp takes place on Friday-Saturdays not Thursday-Fridays. 

During lessons, the sweetest thing happened. Shermaine, who knew that Wang You, Phionna and myself had stayed over with the Year Ones the night before, came to us with three bottles of honey lemon water (which she made herself!) and told us that she made it for us because she knew that we were tired and our throats will probably extremely sore. It was such an amazing act on her part - because of all the fatigue and stress I was feeling at that time, I burst into tears with Wang You. The honey lemon water tasted like love, to say the least (': Shermaine, you are an angel. 

After lessons, Channel 5 gathered in the hall to rehearse for the Orientation Concert later that night and it got frustrating at times but overall, we had a lot of fun together! :) Orientation Concert was a success in my opinion, with the Year Ones putting up great performances, a lovely audience and us not messing up too much! 

Orientation 2013 was an amazing yet exhausting experience - it is indeed something that I would want to remember and nothing would have been possible without Orientation OT (who slogged their nights away planning) and on a personal level, thank you SIMU, PB, House Comm and Channel 5 for going through this journey with me and being so understanding whenever I was torn between two duties. Finally, thank you Year Ones for being so enthusiastic and making everything worthwhile (especially my Waddle classes - you guys honestly have no idea how much I appreciate the level of energy you guys have in you!).

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